#AtoZChallenge – Reflections

It was my sixth year participating, and I was very happy with my theme (1968). As in past years, I’ve tried to ensure I can cover the tougher letters (Q, X, Z) before I settle on my theme.

But 1968 wasn’t my first choice. I had a few other ideas, and maybe I’ll use them for future challenges. Or, I might choose 1969 as next year’s theme!

Typically, I start planning right after the holidays. I set up an Excel spreadsheet and fill in the blanks under each letter with as many ideas as I can come up with. This way, I try to have some variation each day. 1968 was dominated by troubling news, it seemed, so I decided to add a song at the end of the post, for balance. I used the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 Singles and worked my way up to #1, making sure I had a decent video for each song.

I gained a few new followers through the challenge, and discovered a dozen or more blogs, which I added to my own follow list. While I was disappointed that more folks didn’t ‘like’ or leave a comment on my daily posts, that part was out of my control. I tried to keep my posts short (under 300 words), knowing that people wanted to visit multiple blogs during April.

I’ll be back next year, God willing.

24 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge – Reflections

  1. I forgot to do my reflections. You are very organised with your spreadsheet. I keep telling myself I need to do that too, but I’m much more erratic. I improvise a lot!


  2. You had a great theme and thanks for participating! April is always like “so many blogs, so little time,” and a lot of people make the rounds during the rest of the year in what we like to call the “A to Z Road Trip,” so you’ll get more visitors/comments/likes that way.


  3. Martha,

    Creating a spreadsheet for your A2Z ideas is an excellent idea! I may need to borrow this for next year’s art sketch projects or at least that’s my plan for 2019. That’s a long way off and I might have a change of heart. We’ll see. Congrats on finishing up year six successfully! Have a pawesome week and whenever you get a chance stop by my place at Curious as a Cathy for today’s post,
    5-Get2KnowMe Questions, A2ZReflections, & BoTB Results!


  4. Hi Martha – well done on finishing … 1968 in England was somewhat different for me – but you had some interesting choices … cheers Hilary


  5. Hi, loved your A-Z challenge – actually I love all your writing. 1968 was great for me because I had my first child that year and for the next 7 or 8 years lived in a blur! See you Thursday!


  6. Love the reflection, that you shared how you set it up. I’m a spreadsheet gal but didn’t think of that for this. And what a good idea to add the song at the end. It did (for me) exactly what you intended.

    One point you made that I forgot about: AtoZ is fun! Delving into a topic, making new friends, juggling–all that is fun. Well done theme, Martha.


  7. Really enjoyed your theme, especially the music Mz. Martha ❤ You are a very organized writer/author. Something I long to be, organized and writer/author. Great reflection. Blessings ❤


  8. Congratulation on concluding the challenge! I know it may be disappointingwhen people don’t comment or don’t even like, but it’s a common experience on a blogger’s life, isn’t it? You completed the challange and this is soemthing to be proud of.

    I wish I was as organised as you. I always mean to start planning the next chalelnge very soon, but I end up working like a mad woman just the the last couple months. But well, it was my fourth challenge, I may still learn to behave more organised 🙂


  9. Great job Martha! Maybe the key for all of us is not being such purists with the tough

    letters. I think people will continue to read anyway, and we all know there are no shortages of “Challenge” just to get the blog out! As always, I enjoyed your blog. Zulu Delta


  10. I’ve been following your A to Z challenge from the beginning. The topics have all been interesting. The song posts this year were a good balance and a fun trip back in time! I’m already looking forward to next year!


  11. I enjoyed this year’s blog. It was more serious than in the past but like 1968 2018 is a more serious year. The song at the end was a nice added bonus. Since we were only 10 that year I learned a little more about that year.


  12. I enjoyed reliving 1968 in your posts. BTW, my favorite song that year was at 51 in the Billboard charts – MacArthur Park. My sister bought me the album as a graduation gift.


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