The Year of Living Minimally – Week Forty

This was a week for boxing up and carting items to The Salvation Army store in my town. Funny, but I had no emotional attachment to these things and was able to let them go easily. They’re just things!

Decorative and pretty, yes. But I haven’t used any of these items in years. Someone else might find a treasure, and that would make me happy!

My husband agrees that it’s time to donate the service for twelve (twelve! There are five of us left in our combined families) that was his mother’s. I think we used it twice in the nearly twenty-four years that we’ve been married.

It’s a lovely service, and I do hope that a family will use it.

We still have a lot of glassware and knickknacks in the top half of our china cabinet. Onward!

17 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Forty

  1. I love that you are doing this, Martha. My husband and I got rid of a lot stuff when we wold our house 5 years ago and since then I have stopped being much of a consumer. It’s amazing how you we don’t miss the things we thought we had to have. Now we’re working on the bills. We don’t have a mortgage or car loans but we have five insurance bills! Health, auto, liability for my husband’s business, home, and life insurance. I hate them but there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it.


    1. Thank you, Sheila! We have just one car, which is fine with me, and I still hate paying for everything associated with it – insurance, registration, licenses, upkeep. Life insurance, yes, home insurance, yes. Can’t get around it. I think it’s the credit card debt that’s strangling folks, though. It’s insidious. 💚


      1. We are almost credit card debt free. Two or three months and we’re done. I would love to have one car but Rich needs the truck for work. Don’t know when that will end – retirement isn’t an option yet.


  2. My mom gave me her beautiful yellow dishes when I first moved out of the house. She bought them for herself when SHE first moved out of her parents’ house! They are an every day set that originally had 8 large plates, 8 small (salad?) plates, 8 even smaller plates, 8 coffee cups and 8 saucers.

    Over the years and my moves, I now have 2 large plates, 4 small plates, 6 or 8 even smaller plates, and all the cups and saucers because I never used them. I’d add in bowls and large plates as needed, so I have a full enough set now. But those “even smaller” plates and the whole coffee set up… I don’t use!

    I just feel bad getting rid of them because they are my mom’s – but if I asked her if she wanted them back, she’d say no but just that she’d want me to keep them. How do you deal with guilt like that (if you get it)? I don’t want to get rid of them and then her ask for them back, so I feel stuck. They’re in a cabinet out of the way so it’s no skin off my nose, but it’s still unused…


    1. I do get it, Allison! My parents are both gone now, but before I get rid of anything that was my mom’s, I ask my sisters if they want it. Usually they say no, but I think it’s only fair to ask.
      There can be a lot of emotion attached to things, and perhaps it’s best to keep the items while you still feel that way. We don’t have to clear it ALL out!


  3. Martha I applaud you for giving up your treasures and making more room for memories. The first week or two of retirement, I focused on one task and donated it to a worthwhile charity. I met very nice people volunteering for those charities. It made me so happy. And i am also surprised how easy it was to give it all away.
    It is a win -win. Looking forward to more of your blog.

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  4. Am really enjoying reading this series. I am glad I am reading this after you have donated. Otherwise, they would have come out of your house and gone to mine straight. And most likely, would have lived there for next several years with hardly being used. My husband, being minimalist, would whine. But still, they are so pretty!

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    1. Rupa, we’re slowly finding places for our stuff. So much that we never use anymore! But there’s an emotional attachment to some thing also – perhaps a gift from my husband’s father or my mother, or a souvenir from a trip long ago. It’s okay to hang onto memories!


  5. When my three children left home between 5-7 years ago I thought it would just be ‘my husband and I’, like the queen, and I wrote three novels! But two have ‘returned (partially) with 4 grandchildren (I suspect the third will do so shortly…) I’m having difficulty completing/editing my 4th novel and they’re all back frequently with spouses and children! I’m glad I didn’t do away with everything!


  6. I can see it all on Antiques Roadshow now — I picked it up at the Salvation army – LOL.
    Looks familiar. I should take a photo of the stuff I am putting aside for the garage sale.


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