Sunday Music Bonus 1968

There’s no blog post today, but I’ll resume tomorrow with the letter “H.”

The 11th Annual Grammy Awards (presented in March 1969) recognized accomplishments of 1968.

The winner of Best Country Vocal Performance, Male went to Johnny Cash for “Folsom Prison Blues.” Funny thing, “Folsom Prison Blues” was originally written and recorded in 1953 and 1955, but it was the live version, recorded among inmates at the actual Folsom State Prison in California, that became a #1 hit on the country music charts in 1968.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Music Bonus 1968

  1. My husband is a major league Johnny Cash fan. So many good songs. What a legacy. Those albums he did with Rick Rubin at the end of his life, the American recordings, are priceless.


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