The Year of Living Minimally – Week Thirty-one

Can we call this post “Round Two”?

This week I recirculated through the house, opening closets and drawers and pulling out clothes and shoes. And I realized that when I first attempted to pare down my wardrobe, I picked the easy things – dressy dresses from 2003, high heels I no longer wear, that brown sweater I never liked and never wore, the extra black trousers.

This time, I looked at my clothes with new eyes. (This is what I do as a writer, too – get that first draft written, do a quick self-edit, then tuck it away for a few weeks. When I go back to it, I see how much needs to be rewritten.) I pulled shirts that I haven’t worn in years. Christmas placemats and tablecloths. A couple of purses I’ll never use.

Living minimally is an ongoing project. Last week I bought new socks and underwear for my husband (because he probably wouldn’t have). Adding means subtracting – and old socks and underwear don’t go in the donation bin! I hate drawers stuffed with…stuff, crammed with t-shirts and rolled-up pairs of socks. Everything needs its place, and sometimes that place is the trash.

We have lots of things that need to go somewhere else. They’re useable, and neither of us wants to throw away anything that can be used by someone else. I think this is why I’ve avoided dealing with…the extra microwave, the china, the sheets and towels. But I must. And I will.

10 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Thirty-one

  1. I want to get rid of things, but I find the process overwhelming. Now and then I clean out a closet, but then I have to figure out what to do with everything and take the time to do it. It usually triggers a meandering walk down memory lane. I know I live with too much stuff, and sorting through it is on my someday list, just not today.


  2. Goodwill takes any old fabric items, even socks and underwear, worn out towels, tablecloths, and other household items, and then they are then recycled. Just drop them in the bin. I think there’s information about this on the RIRRC website.


  3. I’m moving soon, and being pretty ruthless about what comes with me. It is difficult, though, to get rid of some things (like my grandmother’s tea set) that live in boxes, but that I couldn’t throw or give away for fear she’d come back to haunt me! Animal shelters love to get sheets and towels.


  4. I actually have some stuff listed on eBay with more to come. I also put a few things of Craigslist. I will be having one huge garage sale this spring. Yesterday I tackled the unused linen closet. Blankets from the 1970’s. You have inspired me to get rid of this junk this year.


  5. I sometimes hold on to clothes that I don’t wear, because they remind me of a younger me/different time… strange thing, when I try to give them away the memories just pops into my head, but we did just sell our old sofa and a table so I don’t get like that with everything. 😊


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