The Year of Living Minimally – Week Twenty-six


It’s the midway point for this year-long project. Some weeks I blog about removing (recycling, donating, tossing) things from my house – clothes and shoes, books, objects, papers – and other weeks I blog about finding joy in minimalism.

We’re all so busy, aren’t we? Life never slows down, it seems, unless we’re lucky enough to find ourselves sprawled on a beach, under a warm sun (wearing plenty of sunscreen). But that’s not reality for most people. Here in southern New England, winter’s grip is firm and unrelenting. And while bad weather may keep us indoors more than we’d like, many of us feel stressed. Overtired. Nervous about the future. Nervous about the present.

Stress affects our health, of course. I know it firsthand, as the stresses from my old job contributed to sleeplessness, anxiety, weight gain, higher blood pressure, and even severe back problems. Stress can come from a variety of sources, and while we can turn off the TV, tablet, and phone (I hope you do!), some stress comes from just being a parent, a child, a spouse, a co-worker.


This week, I’ll ask you to stop for ten minutes each day. Ten minutes is easy. Just sit quietly and breathe. Let your mind relax and focus on breathing. Try not to be distracted (headphones can help if there is ambient noise in your home). This is where you start. Today you can find calm in the storm. Peace.


Note: For the next two weeks, I’ll be focusing on writing my new novel. I don’t intend to miss posting, but I won’t be clearing anything out of the house. Perhaps my year of living minimally will focus instead on the writing process! 

2 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Twenty-six

  1. I subscribe to an app called Calm and absolutely love it. They offer a daily guided meditation which is 10 minutes long: it’s a perfect duration to feel I’m doing something kind for myself, but is still totally manageable in terms of finding the time.


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