Old Long Since

This was my year-end post four years ago. This past year brought me closer to some very good people, and it deepened the divide with others. What I do know is that kindness and civility matter. Here’s to 2018. Pray for peace.

Martha Reynolds Writes

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I lost a friend about twenty years ago. It was because I gave unsolicited advice. No matter if I was right or not, it didn’t matter. I gave unsolicited advice and it broke apart our friendship for years. We mended it about eight years ago, patched it up as best we could, made peace, offered forgiveness. I showed up to her father’s funeral, she attended my mother’s wake. But so much time had passed. Her children grew up. Our lives changed and matured. The seas between us have roared and swelled. For her, my “trusty friend,” I raise a cup of kindness. For you, too.

It’s the best version of a song sung at the end of the year.

“Auld Lang Syne”  Kate Taylor
A new translation of the ballad “Old Long Since,” a poem by National Poet Robert (“Robbie”) Burns written in 1792 from a Scottish folk song of…

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5 thoughts on “Old Long Since

  1. I am reconnecting with an old friend after 30 years. It should be interesting. Today I spent the day reading Villa del Sol. Enjoyed it. Have a Happy New Year.


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