The Year of Living Minimally – Week Twenty-four

Happy year-end! That’s correct, let’s all celebrate the end of 2017. I’m going to be hopeful about 2018, because it has to be better, right?

So…if you received gifts this month, great! Here’s an idea – for each new thing you brought into your home, can you choose something to recycle/donate/toss? I’ll bet you can.

How about your year-end cleanup? Monetary and non-monetary donations to charities are big at year-end. Do you have clothes to donate? Do you have leftover shipping boxes? Here’s a cool way to put them together for a greater good.

I’ve been seeing the things in my house with a new attitude, one I hope stays with me forever. Remember back when I packed up dresses and heels and dropped them in the church’s bin? Well, I knew I wasn’t finished with clothes donations. This week, I ventured back into my closet and filled two bags with slacks (pants, trousers). I had nine pairs of black pants. Now, I can practically live in black pants, but I didn’t need nine pairs! Two is what I kept. I did the same with gray, navy, khaki.

And this is the way I view things now. Read a book and pass it along. Watch a DVD and send it off to a friend. Or donate! The library, the senior center, the after-school program.

When your ‘stuff’ seems overwhelming, start small. My first post was about cleaning out the utensil and junk drawers in the kitchen. Or maybe just clear out your sock drawer!

Here’s to a new year. I’ll raise a cup o’ kindness – to all of you.


2 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Twenty-four

  1. Working in small increments is the way to go, I think. You’re on to something. I do believe I will attempt to follow suit. I’m actually pretty good at tossing stuff and purging, but my better half? Tough going. Now that he is home full time and I will be in another semester, maybe we can make some progress. Actually, the house is not bad, but the cellar? Yikes! Scary.
    2018 MUST be better for all. I’m partial to even numbers so I’m looking at this turn of the year as a good omen. Maybe we’ll be making a one-person purge from out of the Oval Office. Now THAT would be progress.

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