The Year of Living Minimally – Week Twenty-three

As I slog toward my halfway point in this year-long project, this week I can report, happily, that my workspace looks much better than it did. I forced myself to clean up this space, because last week I said I would! (I should watch what I say, right?)

I refused to take any before pictures, but imagine the space you see above cluttered with papers. Oh, I knew where everything was! One thing I realized was that I had scraps of paper everywhere – words, phrases, snippets of conversation I’d overheard – things I wanted to keep for future writing. So I took a few hours and typed them into a desktop folder called “Snippets.” Yeah.

The floor (carpet) similarly was covered with papers – accordion folders of previous years’ tax stuff (ugh), photos, insurance policies. Look, I’m confessing here! This area was in rough shape. The filing cabinet is now being used appropriately. I can find what I need.

Oh, and I filled four paper bags with recyclable papers. I shredded what needed to be shredded.

It’s a happier place today!

5 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Twenty-three

  1. oh brother! – sounds like my work space! I wonder if the snippets file on the PC will work better than the physical snippets all over . . .let us know


  2. Martha, you are inspiring me to get back on track with decluttering–and the new tax bill is prompting me to make a run to Big Sisters before year-end!


  3. Good work Martha! I’ve tried to do the same from time to time, but it soon reverts to the “before” state. Looking forward to see what you do with your “snippets!”


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