My Seventh Novel is Here!

Villa-del-Sol (1) “…an emotional tapestry of rare depth…” (Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author)

“…a thoughtful tale of love, loss, and hope reborn…” (Book Review Directory)

My seventh novel (and eighth book) is here and I’m thrilled to share it with you! Last January, I traveled back to Switzerland, alone. I finally met an online pal and reconnected with a dear friend from years ago. I ventured by train to a region I’d never seen and revisited familiar towns.

Villa del Sol is set in and around Lugano, the largest city in the Italian-speaking area of southern Switzerland. Milano is only about an hour away by train. My character, Jennifer Logan, travels to Lugano and rents a villa in the neighboring village of Gandria. Her husband, the beloved senator from Rhode Island, is dead, and Jennifer can’t wait to escape the people who never liked her anyway. By unplugging, she hopes to find peace.

If you know me, you know about my love of Switzerland. My award-winning “Swiss Chocolate” trilogy is set primarily in Switzerland. Villa del Sol takes you back to this magical place. It is available now, and I’ll be signing copies tomorrow at the RI Authors Expo. 

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Martha Reynolds is a Rhode Island resident who loves the beach in winter, chocolate, and books. After ending an accomplished career as a fraud investigator, she started writing novels – fiction with an element of truth. “Real True Fiction.” You can read her reflections and guest author posts on her blog


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31 thoughts on “My Seventh Novel is Here!

  1. YAY!!! and Congratulations, Martha! Here’s wishing you every success with your new book. I’m absolutely thrilled with my signed copy and have so enjoyed reading Villa Del Sol. You’re a wonderful storyteller and Villa Del Sol is a delight. Thank you for sharing your gift with us xxx


      1. That’s very sweet of you to say so, Martha but, I’m 100% sure that the sales to strangers are because word has got out about what a fantastic author you are xxx


  2. Found your blog via Lottie Nevin who I’ve known since we were 7 and we rode ponies together. She’s done a wonderful job for your book cover and I will get a copy immediately (hope it will make it to me in rural Australia!) and send one to my Mum for Christmas in Uk. I would love to enter your competition: best wishes Camilla

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so excited to learn of this new release, Martha! CoNgRatULaTioNs!!! I’ve already downloaded it on my Kindle. I’d follow you on Fb and Amazon, but as you know, I’ve been following you there for years. 😉

    I have fond memories of many trips to Switzerland, including the Lugano area, as my friend lived in Zurich. Switzerland is a very special place. I’ve enjoyed its beauty while on business trips and for pleasure. My husband and I took our second honeymoon in Switzerland. First honeymoon was the Canadian Rockies – due North of Montana in the Banff/Jasper area of the Alberta providence. We love the mountains.

    I am so ready to escape back to Switzerland through the pages of your book. Can’t wait to read it! I’m so happy for you, Martha. So happy.

    Cheers to you!



  4. I’ve read and reviewed all three books in your chocolate series, how could I not, I’m also a chocoholic. When a country grabs you like Switzerland seems to have done with you, I’m glad to see you seizing the moment to make your memories permanent and for bringing us along on your journey. To the average reader, making them feel like they have been there from how you describe it, is often as close as they will ever be without actually going there. As a writer, how satisfying it is when a reader says, “Thank you for taking me to a place I’ll never get to, and for making me feel as if I”m there.” I will read Villa Del Sol because I too love Switzerland, and what better way to learn more than from one of Martha’s books.


  5. Congratulations, Martha for your novel baby, VILLA del SOL. I might argue it’s your best; emotionally layered and a character we root for the whole way. I believe any woman, at any age can connect with Jennifer. Fear and love are the universal emotions we experience and you’ve captured both.


  6. Your new novel sounds as wonderful as chocolate! Lugano also sounds like an interesting setting, and I love the cover design of Villa del Sol. I’m planning on buying one or more of your novels. (It’s tough to eat just one piece of chocolate.)


  7. I am so excited for you and for all of us (your followers). You inspire me!!! Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈❤️😊


  8. Congratulations, Martha! Wonderful news to greet me first thing this morning.
    Best wishes with your new work of art.


  9. I am so excited to read this. I put it on my Amazon wish list, but if my kids don’t bite, I will be getting it myself after Christmas, IF I can wait that long. Congratulations. I am sure it is just as fascinating as all of your other books.


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