It’s #RIAuthor Month – Meet Leigh Brown and Victoria Corliss!

Vikki book photo

Victoria Corliss and Leigh Brown

Everything happens for a reason…at least that’s what we wholeheartedly believe. Give us just a minute of your time, and we’ll bend your ear with tales of coincidental happenings, nondescript and monumental events, even people who have affected our lives, sometimes in obvious ways, sometimes for reasons not as clear or immediate. But always, believing that everything happens for a reason is what helps us to manage and navigate our way through the constant twists, turns, and changes that is life’s journey.

Our novels also inherently share this philosophy. Second Chances and The Pie Sisters are both steeped with themes and stories that empathetically draw and invite readers to turn their pages. Filled with characters, situations, and circumstances universally familiar to most women, Brown Corliss Books are engaging engrossing, and entertaining reading.

The Pendulum’s Truth is the newest tale in our lineup of ‘real life’ fiction. Slated for publication in early 2018, we invite you to meet Ava Dell, a woman who, like us, believes everything happens for a reason until a blindsiding event shakes her to the core. Overwhelmed by self-doubt and guilt, she begins to question everything she’s ever trusted, including the pendulum’s truth.

second chances  pie sisters

Writers Leigh Brown and Victoria (Vikki) Corliss are friends who became co-authors in 2009. Soon after, they published their first novel, Second Chances, followed by The Pie Sisters in 2015. Creators of women’s fiction, they are often asked: 1) Are they sisters, and 2) How do they write novels together? In fact, they are sisters in spirit only. To learn more about how their collaboration works, visit their website or follow them on Facebook

Meet over 100 local authors on Saturday, December 2! The Fifth Annual RI Authors Expo


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