It’s #RIAuthor Month! Meet Claremary Sweeney

I just looked over my post from 2016 for Martha’s blog where I featured my first book, A Berkshire Tale – ten stories about ZuZu, a kitten born in a barn at Tanglewood.  I’d always intended to blissfully continue writing the ZuZu Series until people began to ask, “You’re a Rhode Islander? Why don’t you write stories set in RI?” (We are a parochial bunch here in the Ocean State.) Since I take my readers very seriously, I immediately tucked away all future Berkshire adventures swirling around in my mind and sat down to write a mystery set right here in South County.


Last Train to Kingston was launched this summer. It revolves around the murder of Thea Lorimar one chill, November night. In this first of a series set in South Kingstown, I introduce Detective Lieutenant Kara Langley, who investigates what brought Thea to Kingston and discovers the reasons behind the murder of this gentle recluse. The pages are filled with local references and places and I include photos of the historic settings within the chapters of the book.

I’m in the process of writing the second in this series, Last Rose on the Vine. It’s set at the University of Rhode Island and concerns  the untimely death of a professor who appears to be steeped in alleged misuse of college funds. Embezzlement is always a good motive for murder and not that far-fetched an idea, from my experience. And, I used to be a master gardener at the campus rose garden where the body is discovered – a very thorny place! Last Rose on the Vine should be out in the spring of 2018.

Murder does have a special attraction for me. My husband Charley is relieved that  I have a safe outlet for my overactive little grey cells. But my true love is writing children’s books. After doing a reading at a local school, a little boy jumped up and asked, “Have you ever written a book about bugs, and plants that eat bugs?!” It caused my imagination to go into overdrive, resulting in a verse book about Adonis, a baby pitcher plant living in the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens. He awakes one morning to find a fly in his digestive juices. The insect pleads, “Oh, please spare my life! I’m needed at home by my larvae and wife.” Adonis spits out the fly and declares he will no longer eat meat, causing much angst among the plants and creatures in the garden. “Not eating meat? That’s simply insane! You’ll starve,” said his mother, “you’ll wither and wane!” Everyone helps her try to find a solution to save her baby.

Although I usually use my own photographs in my work, I agreed to mentor an art student from URI, Zachary Perry.  It took us an entire year of working diligently together on the concept and translating it into the final illustrations. We both think our collaborative creation is the bee’s knees!  Carnivore Conundrum will be unleashed on the public this December.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my books, follow me at my blog. You can also friend me on Facebook.

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Claremary Sweeney was an English teacher and high school administrator in Rhode Island for over 30 years. Retirement began another segment of her life. She married, pursued interests in photography, gardening, music, travel and writing.

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4 thoughts on “It’s #RIAuthor Month! Meet Claremary Sweeney

  1. I’m sure that one of my nieces or nephews would love a copy! I always make it a habit to include a book with birthday or Christmas gifts, and since I love animals, it’s a win win!


  2. Your books sound exciting to bring children the love of reading.
    I am sure my grandchildren would enjoy your writing. Would love to win your book.


  3. Claremary Sweeney appears to have wonderful stories that are screaming to be told, and I hope she continues to write more like “The Last Train to Kingston”. She is proof positive that the more you write, the older you get, the more you need to write. It’s as if you are trying to catch up on all that writing you should have done earlier in life. Bravo, Claremary, keep them coming!


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