It’s #RIAuthor Month! Meet Mary Catherine Volk

Believe in Forever


Mary Catherine Volk is an author, spiritual medium, and inspirational speaker. Her book, Believe In Forever: How to Recognize Signs from Departed Loved Ones, is based on firsthand experiences and details the specific ways that contact with the other side occurs. Our loved ones send us signs to let us know they are at peace and that we will see each other again. This book teaches the reader how to navigate this new method of communication. The numerous stories in this book will give you chills as they touch your heart; teaching you to trust your own intuitive ability. Believe In Forever is a perfect book for anyone grieving a loss or curious about life after death. A personalized autographed copy of the book makes a wonderful holiday gift and is available on her website.

Mary Catherine Volk was given the gift of knowing that death is just a transition after experiencing a Near Death Experience at age six where she was greeted by her deceased grandfather, who told her that she would be all right and returned her to her hospital room. Mary has spent her life teaching and reassuring others that the signs they are receiving are indeed real messages of love. She is always delighted to see the shining light in people’s eyes when they receive confirmation of their unique signs. Once you acknowledge them, you will receive more. Ask and you shall receive!

Mary Catherine Volk

Mary Catherine lives by the sea in Narragansett, Rhode Island, where she enjoys the beach, writing, acting, learning, community and social activities and spending time with her daughters and two new grandchildren. She is founder and owner of a jewelry company specializing in American flag jewelry. She is currently working on two new books: a sequel to Believe In Forever and a children’s book to teach parents how to answer their children’s questions about seeing departed loved ones or angels.

The book is available through Stillwater River Publicationsthe author’s website, on Amazon , and through local bookstores.

GIVEAWAY! The author is offering a print copy of Believe In Forever to one lucky recipient. All you have to do is leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen at random and the author will contact you directly. Contest ends one week after publication. US residents only, please.

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7 thoughts on “It’s #RIAuthor Month! Meet Mary Catherine Volk

  1. I truly believe we are all born with a great sense of intuition, but as we ascend into adulthood, we become busy with life and less in touch with the signs around us. I always found this topic interesting.


  2. Thanks Martha for your work in giving your fellow authors a way to advertise their books. Mary I have thought about this for many years but it has become more pressing since the loss of my mom. This book may be just what I need.


  3. I would love to read this book. I believe that we do get signs. And would like to see what signs you say to watch for. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Leslie Piver


    1. HI Karen & Leslie,
      Thank you for your reply.
      It is truly a gift that brings amazing comfort. It is my daughter’s 35th birthday today and I have been receiving signs all morning from my deceased husband as I babysit her 3 month old son. I feel he is so proud of her and watches over her family. Signs are unique to the individual. My husband always blinks or flickers the lights, or a scent of his cologne. For no apparent reason, I will be drawn to look at the clock and see 11:22 His birthday was November 22th. Finding feathers or coins in odd places and getting chills or goose bumps when thinking of speaking about them. Many come in dreams to show you they are well and happy. I know you would enjoy my book, I hope you win the free copy.


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