The Year of Living Minimally – Week Sixteen

Two of everything. That’s how I felt this week. And I need to reflect on why I need to have a backup.

laundry basket

There was never a time that we (meaning my husband and me, because it’s always been just the two of us) needed two laundry baskets. But for some reason, when I bought a second one, I kept the first one. When the clothes are done drying in the dryer, the buzzer sounds, and I pull them out, dump them in the basket, and fold them. Then I put them away. One basket. Sufficient. By the way, the older one is actually broken – torn, if plastic can tear. GOOD NEWS: it can be recycled!

Similarly, why do we have two laundry hampers? I do laundry often enough that we only need one. So, we use the one that looks like this


and the old one, that’s also plastic but too big for the recycle bin, can be dropped off locally. It had been in the back of a closet for years, empty.

We bought a new vacuum but never got rid of the old one. The old one doesn’t work! It sits in a closet, waiting. Well, until today.


I used to fall victim at the supermarket – perhaps I only needed one bag of carrots, but they were “2 for $5.00” – so, of course I had to buy two bags. Advertisers figure we’re stupid that way. I’ve learned. Buy what you need. There’s always more food.

So this week, I managed to rid myself of a few unnecessary extras. And, at sixteen weeks in, I realize I still have a lot to do.


9 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Sixteen

  1. We had no electricity this week, so I lived very minimally for 4 day’s, at least. And I gave away a mattress and box spring in mint condition, so I’m trying to keep up with you, Martha. Now I just have to get rid of all that extra halloween candy!


    1. I hear you, Clare! The Boy Scout came around this morning, picking up food for the RI Community Food Bank. Early this morning I went through our cupboards and was able to fill a bag. There’s always plenty of food, isn’t there? 🙂

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      1. When you’re a budding minimalist, there’s always an abundance of everything. I just sent out my post to you. The pictures gave me a hard time because I did the post in Word and not on my blog. Feel free to get rid of them. Thanks.


  2. Hmm: I don’t think I have too many “twos” (OK, maybe my husband’s favorite plates we never ditched) but my parents totally do this. When I moved to the USA, I admit I “gifted” several items to them (toaster, tea kettle since electrical items wouldn’t work across the Pond). And sure enough, they now have duplicates of most things. Oops, mea culpa.


  3. I totally get that about the laundry baskets. And I have one that is torn, too. I never thought about recyling it. We do recycle. Thanks for mentioning that. Same thing with our laundry hamper for towels. It was wicker and falling apart. THAT I had no problem throwing out. This post has me running down a mental list in my head now! Especially about dishes!


    1. Cheryl, the dishes! In our house – two people, eight dinner plates, twenty-four (!) salad/dessert plates, seven bowls, dozens of mugs, glassware galore, and I’m not even including the ‘good china’ that belonged to my husband’s mother. So much to do!


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