The Year of Living Minimally – Week Seven

After last week’s big furniture moves, I had to take it easy this week. My melanoma surgery was last week (the heavy lifting was done prior to the procedure, of course), and I’ve been mindful of the three-inch-long incision, with sutures, on the back of my thigh. So this week, I made small, light-duty changes. And I reminded myself that I have forty-five weeks to go πŸ˜‰

I tackled a few cupboards this week. Under the sink – ugh! A catch-all for vases and nearly-empty cleaning products and rolls of waxed paper. Yes, I discovered that I’ve got plenty of plastic wrap (three rolls). I rinsed out containers and tossed the empty jugs into the recycle bin. When I go back to my one-day-a-week job, I’ll bring a few vases. Our inpatient unit can use them.

This one wasn’t too bad, actually. A couple of bottles that had a half-inch left (balsamic vinegar, whiskey) that were tossed, but this cabinet needed rearranging, mostly.

It looks like a pharmacy in there! We don’t take all of these! Many of these were prescriptions that neither of us need anymore. Then there were all of the cough and cold remedies in the back – old, expired, useless. It’s usually not a good idea to flush pills down the toilet – they can contaminate the water supply. Check the label: It may tell you if you should not dispose of the medication by flushing it down the toilet.  Set them aside and check with your pharmacy or local police department – a few times a year, they have ‘take-back’ days when you can bring in your old meds. Remove any identifying information from the label.

8 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Seven

  1. My priodontist prescribed hydrocodone for me in case I needed it after he pulled my tooth and set the implant, but I never used it. Maybe I should bring it back to Walgreens. I don’t like to leave stuff like that lying around…


  2. Another hint for getting rid of medication. Put them in a plastic zip bag filled with dirt, kitty litter, or used coffee grounds and you can dispose of them in your household trash because they will dissolve. I use coffee grounds.


  3. I really need to start selling off some of my ‘stuff’. I wish it was as easy as just dumping it in a trash can. Makes me wonder why I ever bought anything since my sons do not want any of it.


    1. Denise! This is why I hadn’t done anything – I hated the idea of throwing out good stuff. And it’s also why I’m giving myself a year. There are folks who do a thirty-day purge, but I found that overwhelming.


  4. Martha,
    When you are finished at your house could you come over and do mine??? 😬 (It may take more than a year…)😜


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