The Year of Living Minimally – Week Five

Not much this week, I’m afraid. I had plans, believe me – clothes, shoes, linens. I just didn’t get to it. Sometimes life gets in the way, as it did this week. And next week I have this melanoma excised, so I’ll likely be unproductive for days afterward.

I did pack up another box o’ books, and we’ll bring them to the library. And there’s more shredded paper, of course – there’s always that! I’ll get to it, I will. It’s only week five (she wrote, thinking about closets and more drawers and the kitchen cupboards and the garage and…)



I used to take piles of books to the library. Now, not so many because I purchase more digitally. It’s a good thing!

Sheila Mazza Marchand August 17, 2017 at 5:58 pm

Martha, I feel your pain. Spent the week cleaning out my Dad’s home with my brother and sister. 65 years of stuff, 65 years of memories. That “save everything” mentality is causing us many headaches. Still much more to attend to. Many hours of reminiscing. (Makes the project much longer!) Best wishes with your surgery. Best of luck with your purging! Easier said, than done!😝

    Hi Sheila – doesn’t it seem as though so many of us are going through this? I want to do as much as I can in our house, because we have my father-in-law’s house, eventually. He’s still with us and won’t let us touch anything! Aagghh!

Thanks for the reminder to take BOXES of books to the library. Good luck with your goal!

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