The Year of Living Minimally – Week Two

There’s a good reason I gave myself a year! Fifty-two weeks, one week at a time. And I can’t attend to this project every day, but this week, I focused on drawers.

Ah, the drawer. Toss stuff in and push it shut. Out of sight. How much junk do we collect in drawers?

I counted thirteen drawers downstairs (and at least that many upstairs). This week I managed to tackle just six of them – two upstairs, four downstairs.

This is one of the drawers in our upstairs bathroom. I kept makeup in there, even though I wear makeup sparingly these days. Lots of old lipsticks and mascaras got tossed out. What I use daily is in plain sight. Other items worth keeping are in that cute little zip bag.

And here’s the other drawer. Toothbrush covers, contact lenses! I haven’t worn contacts in over five years.

Here’s an end table drawer in the living room. Old business cards, receipts from 2012 (my husband keeps things), and, of course, more pens.

I generally leave this one to my husband, but a purge is a purge, right? More old receipts, his watches (he can keep them), and his eyeglasses. Now, I don’t throw anything out without considering it carefully. Can it be recycled? Can it be donated? He made a point about the eyeglasses, saying the frames are expensive and he might decide to reuse a pair. Okayyyy. For now, I’m acquiescing. But no one needs five extra pairs of prescription glasses.

This drawer is in a piece of furniture we bought for the dining room, thinking it was necessary because it had a built-in wine rack. Those were the days…

Now I can see that those blue-and-white coasters belong in the same drawer. Actually, we don’t even use them. Into the donation box they go!

So, what’s inside your drawers, my friends??!! 😉


13 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Two

  1. Zip bags! They are one of my favorite things. Though I did organize a lot with see-through ziplock bags. (My second favorite organizing thing!) Well done!!! You’re on your way, girl!

  2. When I was married, my husband insisted on having a ‘junk drawer’ in the kitchen. When I got rid of him, I also got rid of the drawer. Since I have retired, I have tossed tons of stuff from drawers and yet they always seem to be full.

  3. Drawers can be tricky because, as you say, they’re out of sight, and also, they can hold so many small things, which means you might have to make dozens of purging decisions for one single drawer. Thank you for your honesty in sharing these pics!

  4. Impressive, Martha. I minimalized a couple of years ago and still need to go through drawers every so often. I am impressed, however, that you are showing the before and after pics. Very inspiring to many, I am sure. Cheers, Denise

      1. No, it won’t since you are really making yourself accountable. Plus, after the first time everything is easier and quicker. Just don’t replace ANYTHING unless you really evaluate the decision.

  5. Well done, a good reminder for all of us. I have a few drawers I keep things I might need. I bet I can throw some of it away now.

  6. Hi Connie! I think we all have our overabundance of something. I know I’ll have to deal with the photos at some point. Scanning takes time! I still have shoes and clothes to sort through, even after donating so much of my professional wardrobe years ago. Then there are all those dishes!!!

  7. I have to say that as far as drawers are concerned, I don’t have much clutter.I go through them (even my “junk drawer”) regularly and toss what I haven’t used in a while. Same with clothing. Would that I could do the same with our overabundance of books, stuff the boys left behind when they went out on their own, and, especially, sentimental bric-brac. Sigh.

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