Thirty Questions


I’m following the lead of some of my fellow bloggers (especially as I’m trying to blog more consistently, even when I don’t really want to), and taking up the “Thirty Questions” Challenge. Yes, TMI probably!

What did you want to be when you were a kid?  A teacher, definitely. The options for young girls at the time seemed to be limited, even if they weren’t. But I loved school and thought I’d be a good teacher.

Which Friends character do you relate to most? Why? I consider myself a bit old for this series, even though I have watched every episode. If I had to choose one, it would be Phoebe, because when I was that age I was most like her. Except for the vegetarian part.

Do you like your name? Why? If I’m being honest here, no. I’ve never liked my name. Still, I’ve never changed it, and I could have. I’ve simply grown accustomed to it, and now, at 58, it seems terribly appropriate.

Are you messy or neat? Both. My husband and I live comfortably and don’t worry about clutter. This year I’m going to try to repurpose a lot of the ‘stuff’ we have, with an eye toward living more minimally.

How tall are you? I’ve been 5’7″ for most of my adult life, but last year I was measured at 5’6″. Damn.

How tall were you when you were ten? Best guess would be 5’something. 5’1″ or 5’2″?

What is your guilty pleasure? There shouldn’t be guilt associated with pleasure, ever. Overindulgence, yes. And I do overindulge.

What are you saving money for now? Nothing. I saved aggressively while I was working, and it’s time to enjoy. I have the material items I need – if anything, we would like to travel more. Someday it’ll be possible.

How many Pringles can you eat at once? No. Just no.

Tea or coffee? Coffee in the morning, tea during the day.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Very much an introvert. Some of my friends seem surprised at that.

What will be your Hallowe’en costume this year? Again, no. I enjoyed Halloween when I was eight. Those days are long gone!

Sweet or salty? A bit of both, please. If I had to choose one, it would be salty. I keep trying to quit sugar. I just don’t bring it into the house.

Favorite social media? Facebook has helped me to connect with readers and other authors, so I’m grateful for that. I use Twitter to stay educated on news, especially in these troubled times. And Instagram provides me with gorgeous photos of my favorite places (hint: Switzerland!).

Who is the last person you kissed? James H.

What is your favorite breakfast? I could eat breakfast all day. If I’m out, it’s two eggs over easy, pan-fried potatoes, English muffin. At home it’s a banana, half a cup of canned pumpkin, unsweetened nut milk, protein powder, cinnamon, all blended. Tastes like pie!

When is your birthday? Soon! Don’t they come quickly now. Lucky seven, luckier thirteen.

When did you start your blog? It was on my birthday, 2012, I think, the year my first book was published.

What is your opinion on the Kardashians? No opinion.

How would you describe your style? Ha! I just wear what’s right for the day. It’s clean, it fits. Casual.

What color is your hair? L’Oreal says medium golden blonde.

What color socks are you wearing? No socks this morning, it’s finally warm enough to go without.

What is your dream job? I’m doing it. Writing novels. I may never be famous or rich from this job, but I don’t care.

Dogs or cats? Pets are wonderful. We had a cat in the house when I was a teenager. My husband and I have a dog. Either and both.

What makes you weird? I don’t know, but I am.

Celebrity crush? Clive Owen, Damian Lewis, Jon Hamm, William Hurt, Ken Olin, Alan Rickman, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington, Benecio Del Toro. I could go on….

Opinion on cigarettes? Oh boy. I do hate them, I hate what havoc they wreak on a person’s health. They killed my dad, and they’re killing my father-in-law. I have great sadness for those who are addicted to them, because I know few people who actually want to smoke.

Do you want/have any children? Wanted – yes. Have – no.

Three favorite boy’s names. Michael. Daniel. Alexander.

Three favorite girl’s names. Jacqueline. Evangeline. Christine.

Okay, your turn! You don’t have to answer all of the questions – just pick one or two and give me your responses in the comments section.

20 thoughts on “Thirty Questions

  1. Okay, here goes,
    I always wanted to be a painter as a kid. I would see beautiful things and want to paint them. I was a lousy painter.
    I am messy, I will always be messy. I just don’t know how to do that neat thing, it’s exhausting.
    My sock are blue and white striped. Given to me by our friend, Pat.
    My dream job would be no job at all. I’m done, I want to quilt, garden and read, that’s it.
    What makes me weird, not sure, I think it is my bizarre sense of humor.
    I hope this has been somewhat fun to read- I write as well as I paint.


  2. I HATED my name as a child! I wanted to be a Michelle or a Nicole, something more common. I’ve never met another Celia. I also hated my hair color – red. Now I like both. My name because it’s unique, and my hair color because it’s still red!


  3. What did you want to be when you were a kid? A scientist first and then to work in a test kitchen developing recipes. NOT a teacher, my mom was a teacher. When I retired, it was after twenty years of teaching!

    We have the EXACT same hair color. 🙂


  4. What did you want to be when you were a kid? A teacher but at 12 I decided I wanted to be a doctor, a pediatrician to be exact. Organic Chemistry in college did me in so changes were made.
    Do you like your name? Why? I’ve always like my name although it is a common one for my age group. I can’t say why I like it I just do. I always thought it was a young name and couldn’t imagine an older Michelle but guess what I’m older and it is still my name.
    What are you saving money for now? Nothing. I sold my business and retired at 56. I fortunate to have been in the financial planning field and saved for retirement. I’m just hoping it is enough.


    1. I like your name, Michelle!
      It’s kind of a gamble, isn’t it, not outliving your savings, maybe leaving something for your kids. If you live too long, the money might run out. Ugh.


  5. I really agree with that need to start down-sizing in our later years and start living more simply. We’ve had to go through the possessions of two sets of parents and I don’t want my kids to be saddled with that big job. And the cigarettes… My brother-in-law has lung cancer. It’s been awful watching them go through this and scares the beejeebers out of me that we can ALL get it from second-hand smoke. My dad always had a cigarette in his hand.


      1. Good one Martha. Some of your answers surprised me ( especially name choices and socks )

        Reply answers:
        What did I want to be when I was a kid: A department store owner or a time traveler.

        Which Friend character: None. I related more to Dr Green on ER

        Name : Yes. It’s a fun name to have when traveling in Europe. Irish love it, Germans immediately think I’m trouble from the East, it’s sexy in France and former Warsaw Pact nation residents mangle it.

        Height: 6′ something. I was once 5’10” at a very young age.

        Guilty pleasure: any guilt from pleasure disappeared during the AIDS epidemic. Life is too short

        Saving money: to be honest, I’ve never saved money except for retirement. That ended during the AIDS epidemic and most retirement savings was lost at the end of the dot com bust.
        Luckily I live in California, was blessed with nice teeth and rode technology. Living on the edge!

        Tea or coffee: coffee and I exist as one.

        Social Media Fav: As of now Twitter, but much of social media is becoming a cesspool swimming with trolls. I’m dipping my toes in new pools.

        Weird: Define weird?
        Dogs or cats / children : I love all animals. There is no “or”. They are family. I don’t like children. They seem evil. Especially that kid in the movie Matilda

        Celebrity crush : I’m crushing pretty hard on Martin from Downward Dog. But he’s a dog. I am still godsmack at how beautiful Julia Roberts is.

        Style: enhanced Silicon Valley – SF / Palo Alto with a northern euro overlay. ( SF weather is purpetual spring )

        Cigarettes: Don’t get me started. I worked on tobacco litigation. nicotine delivery devices that kill. They are an environmental hazard.
        I hate them.

        Dream job: no idea. I enjoy ediscovey and project managment …… I am finding I enjoy and have a talent for event coordination. All natural offshoots from working in a law firm.

        Socks: only Italian and Nike no show


    1. I just don’t want all this stuff anymore! Too, too much, and many of these things can be repurposed.
      And yes about the cigarettes. No wonder the tobacco industry tries to hook teenagers. No one takes up smoking at 40.
      Thanks, C 💙💙💙


  6. Initially, thought I wanted to be a nurse until I realized I’d have to study and PASS, math and science. Yuk. I know I missed my true calling. Acting. Yes, acting, and every aspect of it. Damn fool! 😢


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