I’ve Missed You, Too

When I do make time to sit in front of the computer, I’m working on my new novel, which I promise will be finished by November!

It’s hard to write blog posts these days. I don’t want to bring you down. Man, these are difficult days, though. Trying to be hopeful. I won’t ignore the news, but I also can’t let myself get consumed by it. I want to be informed, and educated to the truth, but I have to turn away from the news when it’s so depressing and frustrating.

That’s what the hope is for, right? That things can change?

Kindness and compassion, especially for those of us who need it most. It’s not political, dammit, it’s human dignity. For everyone.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Missed You, Too

  1. I’ve had to stop watching and reading. It sucks you in like a sinkhole and destroys everything good. We have to hold onto dear life to what goodness is left, in our relationship and on the earth.
    Please let this nightmare end.


  2. Missing you too. A friend is traveling to Providence to visit her daughter and grandchildren and I told her it is still on my travel list. Told her she might enjoy your novels.


    1. Thank you, Denise! Your photos of flowers have lifted my spirits – such a talented gardener you are! We should have some good weather here, so I hope your friend enjoys her visit. πŸ’–


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