A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “W” is for WICKED



Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz is a musical (music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz), based on the 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire titled Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, an alternative telling of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. The musical is told from the perspective of the witches of Oz, and tells the story of two unlikely friends, Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda (the Good Witch), who struggle through opposing personalities and viewpoints, rivalry over the same love-interest, reactions to the Wizard’s corrupt government and, ultimately, Elphaba’s public fall from grace. (source: Wikipedia)

The original production of Wicked premiered on Broadway in October 2003, starring Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda), and Joel Grey (the Wizard). The original Broadway production won three Tony Awards (including Menzel’s Best Actress award).

As of this writing (February 2017), Wicked is the 9th-longest running Broadway musical, and to date has had 5,552 performances. 

Here is a clip from the Tony Awards show, featuring Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth (introduced by Joel Grey):



12 thoughts on “A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “W” is for WICKED

  1. I may have to see this sometime. The alternate OZ…….and then there’s the movie “Under The Rainbow”….the comedy supposedly about the “real” making of the Wizard of Oz…Very Funny!


  2. I did not see it either here or when I was in Chicago. I hate the movie ‘the W of Oz.’ Everyone has told me I would enjoy the play, but they all like the movie….


  3. OMG I love, love, loved that musical…Saw it with the family as per usual. The daughter told me how great it was and she was so right. We love singing those songs together ❤ It's wonderful !!!


  4. I’ve not seen either of your “must see” suggestions, but was practiclly hog-tied and dragged to “Wicked.” I had absolutely no desire to see it, but my mother-in-law, via her daughter, bought all the adults in the family tickets to see it. How could I refuse such a generous gift? I couldn’t, so I sucked it up and planned to be gracious.
    Did I mention we had front row seats? (At PPAC)
    I needn’t tell you that from the moment we sat in awe at the stage, I was enthralled. Magnificent in every respect, the set, the voices, the music, the story, the costumes. With the exception of a few, I’m not a big fan of musicals (I know, I know), but “Wicked” nears the top of my short list.
    Idina Menzel? Kristen Chynoweth? Joel Grey? What’s not to love. I enjoy those who saw that cast.


  5. Wicked is quite a special musical. I taught me about the emotional side of musicals. I first saw it on Broadway in 2006 and in total saw it four times. Each time I see it, I feel more vulnerable that the last. The emotions truly have changed a lot of the years. Wicked carries my vision of a musical.

    Elphaba is my favorite musical character. I related to her so much even though I don’t relate to everything. Like her, I am smart, determined, talkative, unique, and also believe in equality and staying true to myself. Besides Elphaba, I love Fiyero and Glinda as well. My top favorite plot lines in Wicked are the friendship and the extremely complicated and ironic love triangle.

    In a musical, I want spectacle, dance, positive and negative emotions in the songs, strong emotional connection, and moments of comedy.


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