A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “V” is for VICTOR/ VICTORIA


The musical that opened on Broadway in 1995 followed the film of the same name that was released 13 years earlier. And that was a remake of the German film comedy Viktor und Viktoria shot by Reinhold Schuenzel in 1933. The story is that of a penniless soprano, named Victoria, who disguises herself as a man named Victor, who plays a female impersonator named Victoria. Got that?!

The musical was not without controversy. Its star, Julie Andrews, received the only Tony Award nomination for the entire production, and she rejected the honor, stating, “I have searched my conscience and my heart and find that I cannot accept this nomination.” She was upset that the show hadn’t received any other nominations, and she declined to perform at the Tony Awards ceremony that year.

As the quality of performances in the Broadway show weren’t good enough, here is a clip from the movie version of Victor/Victoria:


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