One More Sunday


This is my final bonus Sunday post for April. Yes, the last day of April is a Sunday, but it’s also “Z” day.  So, with a respectful nod to my blogger pal John Holton at The Sound of One Hand Typing, I’ll offer up a playlist of Sunday songs, and YOU decide which one you like best.

“Sunday Will Never Be the Same” ~ Spanky and our Gang

“Easy Like Sunday Morning” ~ The Commodores

“Pleasant Valley Sunday” ~ The Monkees

“Sunday Morning” ~ Maroon 5

Is one of these your favorite? Or maybe you’ve got something different in mind….


8 thoughts on “One More Sunday

  1. First of all, thanks for the shout-out!

    As for my favorites: I would go with “Sunday Will Never Be The Same,” because Spanky and crew are from Chicago and did some pretty remarkable stuff; then “Pleasant Valley Sunday” because Carole King wrote it and The Monkees did it (for four guys that were thrown together for a TV show, they turned out some impressive music); then “Easy,” because it’s a great song and The Commodores were a great band; and finally “Sunday Morning” because I’m not sure I like Maroon 5 (I kind of gave up listening to Top 40 music in 1995 or so).


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