One More Sunday


This is my final bonus Sunday post for April. Yes, the last day of April is a Sunday, but it’s also “Z” day.  So, with a respectful nod to my blogger pal John Holton at The Sound of One Hand Typing, I’ll offer up a playlist of Sunday songs, and YOU decide which one you like best.

“Sunday Will Never Be the Same” ~ Spanky and our Gang

“Easy Like Sunday Morning” ~ The Commodores

“Pleasant Valley Sunday” ~ The Monkees

“Sunday Morning” ~ Maroon 5

Is one of these your favorite? Or maybe you’ve got something different in mind….




Pleasant Valley Sunday for sure! Sunday Morning Coming down by Johnny Cash or Kris kristofferson is another great one but a little melancholy.

First of all, thanks for the shout-out!

As for my favorites: I would go with “Sunday Will Never Be The Same,” because Spanky and crew are from Chicago and did some pretty remarkable stuff; then “Pleasant Valley Sunday” because Carole King wrote it and The Monkees did it (for four guys that were thrown together for a TV show, they turned out some impressive music); then “Easy,” because it’s a great song and The Commodores were a great band; and finally “Sunday Morning” because I’m not sure I like Maroon 5 (I kind of gave up listening to Top 40 music in 1995 or so).

Have to go with the Commodores- Easy Like Sunday Morning- Motown always

Classic, Calen. I’m leaning that way, too. Thank you!

“Gloomy Sunday.” Much more haunting than anything you have here. I’ve been thinking it’s time to see this movie again.

Most definitely Spanky!!! 😀

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