A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “Q” is for QUILTERS


“Q” is always a challenge (as are X and Z, but I don’t choose a theme unless I know I can fill each letter!)

Quilters opened on Broadway on September 25, 1984 and closed on October 14, 1984 after  just 24 performances. Despite an unfavorable review from Frank Rich in the New York Times and its own very short run, the musical was nominated for six Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

Quilters has been performed by numerous college and community theater groups across the United States.

Here, Core Theatrics presents Quilters:



Peg! Wow, wow, wow. I didn’t know (I remember I was in Switzerland for most of June 1987). Wow.

Q is a very challenging letter…I knew from the moment I started mine too 🙂 Great minds think alike ❤

Maybe if they’d picked a different name. I’m good with quilters, but others may stereo-type it!

I’ve never heard of it, either. But I have to echo Claremary’s comments up there. How can it be nominated for Best Musical and only run for 24 performances? Seems like they had a PR problem. Very interesting… LOVED that tree artwork!

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I didn’t even know about this one and I think I’d like it. Imagine being nominated for 6 awards and still not being good enough. Broadway can be a very fickle place.

Am I correct in recalling a production of Quilters at Providence College? It might have been a summer production.

Well, I had to get clever with X. As usual, lol. Never heard of this musical but that short run might explain it. And if it got nominated for Best Musical, what else was in the running?

Hi Martha – not always possible to find matching letters – I create ideas that match theme and letter. However here having the musical Quilters – seems to be a hit with schools and colleges as a production they can put on … so it will live on … cheers Hilary


Never heard of it. Wow. So much to learn

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