A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “P” is for PIPPIN


Directed and choreographed by the legendary Bob Fosse, Pippin premiered at the Imperial Theater on October 23, 1972 and ran for 1,944 performances before it closed on June 12, 1977. The original cast included John Rubenstein (Pippin), Ben Vereen (Leading Player), Jill Clayburgh (Catherine), and the inimitable Irene Ryan (yes, Granny Clampett) as Berthe (Ryan suffered a stroke in March 1973 and died six weeks later).

Pippin tells the story of a young prince on his search for meaning in and significance of life.


As much as I’d like to upload the entire show here, I was able to find a decent-quality clip of the opening number, “Magic to Do,” from the original production. Enjoy!



There is an old TV episode of the show Ed when Ed gets Carol to admit under oath in court (in a completely different civil case) that as a teenager, she had a crush on Ben Vereen, and wrote B.V. in her diary!

I love Pippin!
“We’ve got magic to do – just for you!”

Wow! That’s not just coincidence….

Ben Vereen has always been one of my favorite actors, singers, you name it. He can be so magical. Interestingly, I’ve never seen this show, either.
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A to Z Challenge Letter N

I love Pippin. Saw the revival production two years ago

    Yes, the revival, Meg! I was going to post a clip from that, but when I found this original, I decided to use it. Thanks for posting!

      I don’t know when it was, but my dad had me listen to “Corner of the Sky” and I knew I had to watch Pippin. All it took was one song to convince me to see the musical at some stage in my life.

      Well, this sounds crazy. This would be May 2015 and literally the week before I saw it, my mom purchased the two of us seats and believe it or not, there was only one day with two seats together.

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