A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “O” is for OKLAHOMA!


Oklahoma! was the first musical written by the team of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Set in the Oklahoma territory in the early 1900s, it tells the story of cowboy Curly McLain and his romance with farm girl Laurey Williams. A secondary romance concerns cowboy Will Parker and his flirtatious fiancée, Ado Annie.

The original Broadway production opened on March 31, 1943 and ran for a then-unprecedented 2,212 performances. In 1955 a film adaptation was released and the show has enjoyed revivals, national tours, and many, many school and community productions.

In this clip (which is actually from the 1998 London production), Australian Hugh Jackman stars as Curly and Londoner Josefina Gabrielle as Laurey.


13 thoughts on “A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “O” is for OKLAHOMA!

  1. This was one of those musicals I could never quite warm up to. I liked the movie better than the Broadway production, but only because Rod Steiger scared the tar out of me! I felt that way about Guys and Dolls as well — until they did it at the high school where my son was in the orchestra. Then it kind of crept into my musical heart.
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  2. I am not sure that I have ever seen the movie all the way through. BTW, that Q post of mine was published by accident. O is there too. But somehow when I tried to save Q it got deleted and now I have to rewrite it. UGH.


      1. It’s not posted, yet, so my bets are on Pajama Game. My sister had the lead in her high school musical. And we went to Boston to see The Bells Are Ringing which I think is based on Pajama Game. And my next guess is for Avenue Q (a bit of a cheat?).


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