A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “H” is for HAMILTON


It really couldn’t be anything other than Hamilton. Eleven Tony Awards, come on! (The Producers holds the record with twelve). Hamilton won for Best Musical (and ten other awards), plus the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Its actual title is Hamilton: An American Musical. Lin-Manuel Miranda composed the music, lyrics, and book about the life of Alexander Hamilton, and his work was inspired by the 2004 book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

Here’s a clip from the 2016 Tony Awards presentation:

(History has its eyes on you)

13 thoughts on “A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “H” is for HAMILTON

  1. I’m not lining up for Hamilton yet, but when the play “Rap Master Ronnie” about Ronald Regan comes around again (SO GREAT), I’m there….who knew History would finally be so popular?

  2. Hi Martha – when I first saw this a few years ago (I think) … I thought oh I’ve got to see this musical – and then I learnt the history behind Hamilton the man … just an extraordinary tale with an amazing rap attraction in it … I’d have hated rap – but this just H for hooked me … and now I’ll be back when I need a happy time to listen again and again … no doubt! Cheers Hilary


  3. I have not heard any songs. I just know it’s had some wanted/unwanted media attention because of some election 😉

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