A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “D” is for DREAMGIRLS


Dreamgirls, based not only on The Supremes but on other R&B acts such as The Shirelles, James Brown, and Jackie Wilson, follows a female singing trio called “The Dreams” on their way to stardom. The musical opened at Broadway’s Imperial Theatre on December 20, 1981 on Broadway and went on to win six Tony Awards.

Set in 1962, the original Broadway cast included Sheryl Lee Ralph, Vondie Curtis-Hall, and, of course, the inimitable Jennifer Holliday as Effie White. Here she is, in a performance that (even in poor video quality) will knock your socks off.




You write great blog posts. I love this collection. Great topic.

What a voice she has. Took my breath away.

I’m not at all familiar with this one. I didn’t see the movie, either. Looks like I missed something good. 🙂

Impromptu Promptlings
A to Z Challenge Letter D

What memories. The Supremes were wonderful.

I would have loved to see this on Broadway . . . Cheers, Denise

Nice, I’m reminded of the documentary; 20 Feet From Stardom.

Love to wake up to Music, something to smile about on this rainy day !!! Nice job Martha, especially since my Hawks lost last night in OT 😦

I loved the movie. Never saw the play. I still remember an argument I got into with someone back in the 70’s about the father of Diana Ross’s daughter. I said Barry Gordy. They were in denial. When I got back from my lunch break my friend told me that a co-worker who was in the lunch area was married to Diana’s first cousin. Oops.

I bet I saw it 10 times. $10.00 standing room tickets back in the days!!!

You’re rocking this challenge, Martha! What a delight!

I never saw Dreamgirls (always meant to!) but now I’m more inspired. What a great clip. These women were amazing! Angelica French

An AtoZ salute to you. Glad to see you back this year with entertaining theme 🙂

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