A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ “B” is for BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL




After premiering in London’s West End in 2005, Billy Elliot the Musical made its Broadway debut in November 2008. The show, based on the 2000 movie Billy Elliot, tells the story of a motherless boy who wants to dance ballet and keeps it a secret from his father, who is dead set against Billy as a ballet dancer.

Here is the amazing Trent Kowalik as Billy in “Angry Dance” at the 2009 Tony Awards (introduced by Sir Elton John, who wrote the music to the show):


BONUS! So there was the ‘angry dance.’ How about some happy dancing? Here’s Hugh Jackman as Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz, having a great time with “I Go to Rio.” Enjoy!



The movie is good too. Someday I hope the stage musical is featured in our Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque.

Having two boys that are professional ballet dancers, I always wanted to see that. I’m quite sure the support of their dad has mad the them the awesome 👏🏻 dancers that they are. My oldest is now choreographing a world 🌎 premiere ballet that is opening tonight. The music he using he collaborated with worked renowned composer Phillip Glass. I love ❤️ the theater 🎭 and I was my husband was always so proud of his boys up there on the stage. I’m sure it’s made all the difference in their careers. Love the videos.

Billy Elliot is one of my all-time favorites! I saw it on stage first in Chicago and then the film. Both are great but the stage version is magical.

Nice Post Martha……..a lot of energy here!

So happy to see the clips – I wasn’t familiar with Billy Elliot at all.

What a powerful performance (Billy, not Elton John). Such passion.

Such great clips, Marsha, thank you. Have not seen the movie or stage production, so this was a treat. Good luck with the AZs.

I have only seen bit of the film and none of the stage version :(. I keep meaning to try and change that.
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After watching these clips, I’d say Thank Goodness some parents let their boys dance!

Love Billy Elliott, but haven’t seen it on stage – something to look forward to! We watched the film the other night, weirdly! Liz B is for Alice Guy-Blaché – Visionary and First Female Film Director #A-Z Challenge

I remember seeing the movie Billy Elliot but do not know there was a musical of it. Much nicer to watch that ‘happy’ routine, though.

Fantastic – what story telling!

Very interesting. I’m going to have to look “Billy Elliot” up. Never had the chance to see it and truthfully never knew what it was about. Sounds wonderful.

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