Are You Ready for the April A to Z Challenge?


It’s coming soon! This will be my sixth year participating.

What’s the Blogging from A to Z Challenge? It’s just what it sounds like – a challenge to blog each day in April (except Sundays), with each letter of the alphabet featured on a day. For example, April 1 is “A” day. Your blog post topic should start with “A.” If you choose a theme, then you follow it through the alphabet.

The first year I participated, my theme was ‘Writers, Poets, Lyricists.’ From W.H. Auden to Warren Zevon. I didn’t do much advance planning and found myself struggling to keep up with the pace of a daily blog. Lesson learned. The following year, 2013, my theme was ‘Oh! The Places I’ve Been!’ From Austin to Zermatt, I covered some of my favorite travel destinations. And I planned! By the end of March, I’d written each of the daily posts.

In 2014, my third year of the Challenge, I chose a food-related theme. Cheese! Yep, ‘Smile and Say…’ A to Z of cheese. Asiago to Zamorano and everything in between. By then, I’d learned to pre-schedule my posts, setting them to publish around four in the morning. That way, even if something came up that deterred me from getting my daily post out, it was already done.

In 2015, I wanted to do something musical, so my theme was ‘Listen Up!’I featured a different musical instrument, along with a short video of said instrument, from the Accordion to the Zither. This theme was a lot of fun and seemed to be very well-received.

Last year, I challenged myself with a theme that required a lot of research. ‘Paris Between the Wars’ was based on the same-titled book, and featured a different individual (artist, designer, architect, musician, poet) who lived and flourished in Paris during the years 1919 through 1939 (from the end of WWI to the start of WWII).

So what about this year? Well, I’ll reveal my theme next month – for now, I’m still researching and writing the posts. Just know that my favorite themes involve food, music, books, and travel. So stay tuned!

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