I’m Here, Not There

This morning I’m here, not yet there. By tomorrow morning, I’ll be there, not here. For a time that seems not long enough, yet is the only length of time I dare be away. And I’ll be by myself, not with the man who’s been my travel partner for nearly 23 years.

There were a lot of trips abroad, mostly to Switzerland, so I do know my way around. This time, on my own, I have a purpose – to continue with a new novel I’ve only scratched out so far, but have written in my head. And I’ll be meeting up with two women – one I haven’t seen since that first year spent at the university in Fribourg, the other someone I’ve never met in person but who found me through my books. How great is that?!

And on Friday, I’ll be there, not here. Yeah, I’m okay with that, as I had no intention of watching the inauguration. It’s going to happen with or without me. And I’m not going to say anything else about it. Instead, here’s ‘there.’

18 thoughts on “I’m Here, Not There

  1. It’s a wonderful part of your journey Martha and I will tag along in spirit. Traveling solo is very special. Each turn is your own, guided by your soul. You will come back refreshed and ready for new beginnings in your own backyard. Enjoy and be safe my friend! Love you! ~Karen 😊


  2. You are going to a little piece of heaven on earth tomorrow! You are truly bless my friend. I can not even put into words how excited I am for you. And for all of us, to have some of these places in your next novels.
    We will experience a little of Switzerland thru your words and descriptions. You are truly remarkable! i just hope there is enough chocolate there for you. πŸ˜€ Feel free to ship some around. Lol
    Have a safe and fun journey. ❀️


  3. Safe and happy travels my friend.
    My own quiet protest for Friday in addition to not watching is to be off f/b for the day. I don’t want to see or hear anything more about that man.
    Meeting a friend discovered through the miracle of the internet. From experience, I can tell you that it is a great thrill.
    Finally, I wish you all the best, every day, as you venture into putting into words your scratches and thoughts.


    1. Thank you, Connie. If I were here on Friday, I’d be off social media as well. Maybe by the ocean, or under a clear sky, or sipping coffee in quiet solitude. See you soon ❀❀❀


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