Book-a-Day #Giveaway! The Ferry Home by Debbie Tillinghast



“You can almost smell the salt air and hear the waves lapping along the shore as you stroll through this memoir of childhood innocence, mischief, and excitement. It’s an easy and relaxing read, but not without its poignant moments. You don’t have to be a New Englander or an island dweller to enjoy it; if you were once a kid, it will warm your heart.”

Step back in time to a simpler life, as you read this captivating memoir of growing up in the 1950’s on the small island of Prudence. A story of re-connecting to long forgotten childhood bonds and memories, The Ferry Home embraces joyful moments with humor and more troubling emotions with compassion. Experience the rhythm of life on Prudence Island, the ebb and flow of changing tides and seasons, and the patterns and relationships that emerge.  As the vivid descriptions unfold, you will feel like you too have just stepped off the ferry and been embraced by the tiny Prudence Island community.

The Ferry Home is “…a love story, an answer to the siren’s call, a whisper of long-ago unacknowledged loss, pain, and grief and, ultimately, the healing realization that some things in life endure forever.”


Debbie Kaiman Tillinghast has been published in County Extra Magazine, and Shoreline, an anthology published by the Association of Rhode Island Authors. Her memoir The Ferry Home was recently nominated for the Dorrys Non- Fiction Book of the Year, an award that honors the best in RI literature for the past year. Debbie, a retired teacher, loves being outdoors, gardening, walking, biking and visiting her grandchildren.

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13 thoughts on “Book-a-Day #Giveaway! The Ferry Home by Debbie Tillinghast

  1. I spent a weekend on Prudence Island back in the mid sixties. A co worker, Pamela Philbrick, and I went to her family home. I have always wanted to return one day.


  2. Thanks Martha for featuring ARIA authors on your blog every day in November, including “The Ferry Home” today. My thanks also to everyone who took the time to leave a comment.


      1. Hi there, my dad Bruce Marquardt has so many stories and experiences he would love to share with you and tons of pictures. Email him at He loves to share his photos and stories. He would be thrilled to hear from you. Our cottage is at sand point to the right as you are headed up the hill on Narragansett ave. It is the one with the really long stairs and says EDCLIFF above the door. Named after my great grandparents Edna and Clifford Tarr.


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