Book-a-Day #Giveaway! Scoundrels by Paul Caranci


Is Rhode Island Really the Most Corrupt State in the Nation?

Political corruption exists at so many levels simultaneously that until now, academic definition remained elusive. Scoundrels: Defining Corruption Through Tales of Political Intrigue in Rhode Island changed that by defining corruption, not through the prism of indictments, but rather by the deleterious affect the act has on society.

Like sin itself, political corruption can be both active and passive, and each of these corruption practices can be exhibited in three categories; traditional, circumstantial and situational.

Traditional political corruption manifests itself through a public official’s extortion demands or acceptance of a bribe.

Circumstantial political corruption ensues when a public official takes advantage of current circumstances to enrich him or herself.  In this case there is both a direct personal benefit to the official and an adverse impact to the public being served.

Situational political corruption arises when a public official is presented with a situation that serves either the public or individual good and makes a choice to serve the individual needs. There may be no direct benefit to the official other than performing a favor for another in the hope of receiving future favorable consideration.

Though circumstantial and situational political corruption are not generally covered in news stories nor prosecuted by authorities, they have a significant corrosive effect on society and are therefore no less corrupt in their nature than the traditional form or political corruption.

Scoundrels, which was recently recognized with a  Dorry Award for non-fiction book of the year,  offers an in depth look at the damage acts in all categories of political corruption can cause and brings each form to life through both familiar and never-before-heard stories ripped from the annals of Rhode Island’s political history. These riveting stories will show just why Rhode Island is often times described as the most corrupt state in the nation.


Paul F. Caranci is Rhode Island’s former Deputy Secretary of State and a former town councilman who worked undercover with the FBI to expose a corruption ring in his hometown that was described by Federal Judge Mary Lisi as “a criminal empire.” The resulting investigation resulted in ten indictments, with five sentenced to terms in federal prison and several others forced to pay fines and restitution for their criminal activities.

Scoundrels, and all of Caranci’s books are available in bookstores and on Amazon.

You can WIN a copy of this book! Just leave a comment below. One winner will be chosen at random and the author will contact you directly. Contest ends one week after publication.





Ahh, I’m sure there is a lot to be revealed ’round these parts. Perhaps this is the prequel to a sequel? We can only hope!

Someone brave enough to write about the inside works going on in RI!
Should be a interesting read.

I think my Dad would like this.

I am proud to be a fellow townsman with Paul Caranci, a man I admire greatly. For anyone Rhode Islander, this is a must read.

If you want to know the real facts about crooked politicians, Paul Caranci is the expert at unveiling corruption at all levels of government, whether from his own backyard of North Providence, or anywhere in the state. It takes real courage to do what he does, and unfortunately, Paul often pays the price for telling the truth. And yet, it doesn’t stop him from going on. A wonderful book about Rhode Islanders, for Rhode Islanders.

This happened in R.I., but it’s also happening everywhere.

Another one my husband would love.

This one sounds quite intriguing and very current.

A beautiful state, the “Ocean State,” but lots of scoundrels sounds right.

Now this is my kind of book. Unfortunately, I have known some scoundrels in office. The folks here just elected someone I consider a disgraced scum-bag attorney to be our Town Supervisor. (While a public prosecutor he withheld evidence from the defense in order to achieve a conviction) And when I was on the Board, they elected a convicted embezzler. Scoundrels in office happen because the voting public lets it occur.

I’d love to read this one. We have come to accept too much that goes on around us that we should not be accepting.

Would love to read it from an insider’s perspective!

Would enjoy reading it from an insider’s perspective!

Thx again Martha. This should be very interesting. I just read “The Prince of Providence ” . I remember a time if some moderate politicians working together and helping our State and Country…The late Sen. Claiborne Pell…Congresswoman Arlene Violet…presently I am grateful for Sen. Jack Reed. Be well and withold my name for the drawing please.

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