Book-a-Day #Giveaway! Gridiron Conspiracy by Christopher Paniccia



Chris Strong’s life hangs in the balance with mysterious and powerful forces chasing him at each turn. Events continue to spiral out of control and what seems to be a mystery turns into a conspiracy of unparalleled proportions. Chris has a grave decision to make: does he turn a blind eye or does he take this mystery head on? With his band of friends at his side he fights for justice and redemption. The battle rages on and spills into a much larger world than anyone expected. Will he ever live a normal life and will he truly find the answers that haunt him? One thing is for certain, Chris Strong will not rest until these evil forces are brought to justice. In it’s final act you will not see the end coming. The Conspiracy is everywhere!

This trilogy of books is recommended for readers on all ages! The characters pop off the page and you view yourself as a member of Chris Strong’s band of friends destined for greatness. As the characters develop you find yourself cheering them on to defeat the evil before them. The complex mystery and story line find you making predictions only to find things are not as they seem. Reading this story will leave you wanting more!


Christopher Paniccia is the author of three novels, blogs, and many illustrations. He is a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors and his books are available on his website, Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon.

You can WIN a copy of this book! Just leave a comment below. One winner will be chosen at random and the author will contact you directly.  Contest ends one week after publication.

5 thoughts on “Book-a-Day #Giveaway! Gridiron Conspiracy by Christopher Paniccia

  1. This is book number 3 of the series and the writer still writes every bit of interest in every character. I think this author has a long and successful career ahead of him,


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