Two Weeks, Three Rivers

photo by Martha Reynolds
photo by Martha Reynolds

I’ve been working on a new novel, Villa del Sol, for months now. Sometimes the writing comes easily (I have the story in my head, but getting it out isn’t always easy). Life can be a distraction, an inspiration, a temporary derailment. And as much as I had wanted it to be finished in time for the 2016 Expo, that’s looking more and more unlikely. So what’s a writer to do?

Well, last week I was featured locally here, and perhaps it was talking about my grandfather that pushed me back to a project I’d backburnered. In 1924, Earl Handy (my mother’s father) and John B. Hudson (a local treasure and one of Rhode Island’s foremost naturalists), took a canoe trip. Two weeks and three rivers. Earl kept a journal of the adventure. There are photographs. I’d wanted to publish this account, and now I’m determined to do it.

photo by Martha Reynolds
photo by Martha Reynolds

In delving back into this project, I’ve reawakened an interest in family history. I’ve spent days at the library, scanning microfilmed pages of old newspapers, finding articles of note, reading about long-forgotten villages in Rhode Island and Connecticut. It’s fun! And, I hope, will provide for an interesting piece of history. So, stay tuned – my novel will be published sometime in 2017, but Two Weeks, Three Rivers will be ready by December (fingers and toes crossed).

17 thoughts on “Two Weeks, Three Rivers

  1. I’d love to visit your part of the world, Martha. I have a feeling that I would adore it ❤️

    Two Weeks, Three Rivers is a great title. It has already captured my imagination. What an adventurous grandpa you had, you must be very proud xxx


  2. You should contact Yankee magazine and write a feature on the topic!! There’s not enough Rhode Island stuff in there, are your writing style is a perfect fit!

    I’m willing to try to help, if you like.



    1. Thanks, my friend. I did contact Yankee a couple of years ago and I think they told me they didn’t accept unsolicited anything. But it can’t hurt to try again (you know, force them to accept it or something like that) 😉


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