Summer of Our Discontent

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Three weeks into summer, and don’t you wish it was New Year’s Eve already? There’s plenty to be grumpy/sad/depressed/angry about:

Donald Trump. The politician who spews hatred and racism is not going to ‘make America great again.’ He’s not. And we learn that this man who cares more about winning than just about anything else may not even want to be President. He wants to win. And he does not care about you.

Hillary Clinton. Do not assume that #I’mWithHer, just because I’m most definitely not with him. I’m not. I don’t think she deserves the presidency, based on her careless, selfish, and unwise choices regarding her role as Secretary of State.

Terrorism. Libya, Iraq, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Baghdad, Somalia, Turkey, Brussels, Pakistan, Kabul, Congo, Yemen, Orlando (Florida), Cameroon. Just this year, and these are only the ‘major’ attacks (in which more than 30 people have died).

Rio. The 2016 Summer Olympics, the leading international sporting event, are being held in a city that is known for its violence. With the opening ceremonies just weeks away, news headlines out of Rio have been dominated by muggings of athletes, body parts washing up on the shore of Copacabana, and a murderous shoot-out in a hospital. Police officers have gone on strike. A drug-resistant super-bacteria has just been discovered on the beaches, possibly caused by all the raw sewage being dumped in the ocean. And don’t forget Zika.

Black Men Being Killed. Based on a tally from The Washington Post, Philando Castile was the 123rd black person to be shot by police in 2016. The day before Castile was killed, Alton Sterling was shot by Baton Rouge police, while he was on the ground. And this past Thursday night, a 25-year-old black man killed five Dallas police officers, aiming for white cops in particular. This has to end.


That’s a lot to despair about. So we need to find hope. Perhaps in your children’s eyes. They’re looking to you for guidance – so teach them what’s important. Do you pray? (You should!) Prayer isn’t just about asking for something. It’s also a way to express thanks.

Please enlighten my mind with truth

Inflame my heart with love

Inspire my will with courage

Enrich my life with service.

Pardon what I have been

Sanctify what I am;

And order what I shall be.


7 thoughts on “Summer of Our Discontent

  1. Thank you, Martha, for this well written piece. Perfectly expressed my feelings. This country is so far off course I don’t believe there is a man or woman who can turn it around. As for the rest of the world – so much is beyond our influence. Thank you for the prayer. Divine intervention is needed.


  2. I was going to opt out of voting for president, but now I’m thinking of writing in the name of someone I really want to have the office. Still trying to decide who that might be.


  3. You spoke what I believe most of us our thinking! Very sad year. And scary future ahead.
    Let’s mention also that Clinton wants gun control. Which means only the criminals will have guns. With this future ahead, we all need to be able to protect ourselves.
    For the first time, I don’t believe I will be voting.
    We can hope someone will step up and run as a independent. Martha?


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