Let Freedom Ring!

Did you know that Rhode Island is home to the nation’s oldest Fourth of July parade? That’s right, the town of Bristol, RI hosts it.

source: Wikipedia
source: Wikipedia

The annual Fourth of July celebration began in 1785. It’s not known exactly when the parade started but it’s thought to have evolved from the procession of community members walking to patriotic exercises (according to the Bristol Fourth of July website). The parade, held on the 4th, is a 2.5 mile-long walk through Bristol.

source: July4thbristolri.com
source: July4thbristolri.com
source: july4thbristolri.com
source: july4thbristolri.com

If you go, get there early! The parade begins at 10:30am. You can’t camp in ‘your spot’ overnight, either – no setting up chairs or blankets before 5:00am. Your best bet is having a friend who lives on or near the parade route. In years past, we drove to a friend’s house (she lives about a quarter-mile from the route) and walked. Attending the parade is definitely something to do at least once if you’re local.

What will you do to celebrate America’s independence? It’s 240 years, you know. Whatever you do, enjoy and be safe!


4 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring!

  1. Thx Martha soon to be the birthday girl! Enjoy luv your posts xo
    Muriel took us to this parade … unforgetable!


  2. I had gone to this parade as a child at least once. Always loved parades.
    Hope you enjoy your 4th. We are having our Son and his family over for good all grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Have the sparklers for our grandchildren.
    No parade for me this year.
    Maybe fireworks, not sure on that. Depends how muggy it is out side.
    Have a good one! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


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