One Week Sugar Free (Again)


I won’t give up trying! If you’re a faithful reader of this blog (thank you!), you know I’ve written about sugar in the past. Something that tastes so good but is so, so bad. Yes, me, the woman who has written a trilogy of books with the word chocolate in the titles. I’m smart, but I didn’t always get it. (Actually, it’s not the chocolate that’s hurting you, it’s the sugar.)

After watching the documentary Sugar Coated, I was convinced, once and for all, that sugar is harming me more than any other substance. More than salt (which I don’t consume in large quantities, especially having cut out a lot of processed food), way more than (good) fat. Eggs don’t cause heart attackssugar does. Sugar causes obesity and diabetes, too. And the reason we’re at epidemic stage is because sugar has been added to just about every food that’s manufactured. 80% of the foods in your typical supermarket have added sugar.

Panko bread crumbs, ketchup, peanut butter. Jarred pasta sauce, salsa, flavored yogurt. Canned soup, salad dressing, granola bars. Anything purported to be low-fat or fat-free (remember those Snackwells?)

So I’m making a determined effort to stop, even forgoing stevia in my coffee and tea. No maple syrup on my oatmeal. And after a week, I do feel better. My taste buds are adjusting. But I’m still learning.

For the past year, I’ve been using PLNT brand plant-based protein powder in my morning shake. It only has 1g of sugar per scoop, but until today, I hadn’t looked closely at the ingredients. The label advises: Dairy Free, Fish Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free, Yeast Free, non-GMO, kosher and vegetarian.

PLNT back

Here are some of the ingredients listed: inulin, chocolate, cocoa, stevia, xanthan gum, natural vanilla, silica, glycine, and maltodextrin.

It was eye-opening for me! All those polysaccharides! I’ll be switching to a new recipe….

Anyway, I’m one week sugar-free and still okay. Our refrigerator is full of vegetables and fruit and unsweetened almond milk. The cupboard shelves hold chia, hemp seeds, bee pollen, and cinnamon.


18 thoughts on “One Week Sugar Free (Again)

  1. Another sugar addict here 😏
    I keep trying to cut it out and do well for a few days, sometimes even weeks, then give in to something sweet. Aaaaargh! I get frustrated with myself. But I suppose that’s because it is an addiction, not just a liking.


  2. Go Martha! You CAN do it. Tomorrow, will be my No Refined/Artificial Sugar/Sweetners 1st anniversary. Ok, I had a week off at Christmas but, aside from my ‘seasonal’ dalliance, I’ve been a paragon of sugar free virtue since 21st June last year 😬 I feel so much fitter and better in myself. It’s hard work because I make absolutely everything from scratch, sauces, marinades, dressings, the works, but it’s the way forward and I’m enjoying it. 5 dress sizes smaller, clear skin and bags more energy is my reward. Keep it up 💕💕💕


  3. I’ve been reading labels carefully for nearly thirty years. What a wake up call! Like you, I use few processed foods and watch the salt and sugar percentages, and am aware of all the alternative names for sugar. They’re hiding in plain sight.
    Take it from me, who has had the experience, once your taste buds have adjusted you won’t miss it and you’ll never go back. Good luck.


    1. Thanks, Connie. Today I made a Giada recipe of oyster and shiitake mushrooms, red bell pepper, kale, and rice noodles. The sauce called for 1/4 cup sugar! I left it out, but even soy sauce has a little….


  4. Hi Denise – I was just overdosing on it. Once I started, I wouldn’t stop. I don’t smoke and rarely drink, so sugar was my thing. I can’t say I don’t crave it – I still do – but when it’s not in the house, it’s a lot easier. Have a good day (and I hope you get some rain!)


  5. Good for you, Martha! Pun intended of course. Another great documentary is Fed Up. My daughter watched this in school and made me watch. She was assigned to go sugar and processed foods free for 1 week, after which she felt great and lost 3 pounds! She ate fruits, nuts, vegetables plain yogurt and homemade bread. I say, if a teenager can do it, so can I! Sugar is my arch enemy and I battle it daily.


    1. Yes, Patty! I have watched Fed Up, too. Sugar is a drug – no doubt about it. And I am an addict. So I need to let it go completely. I’m now accustomed to drinking coffee with just half-and-half, and when the carton is used up, I’m going to switch to a dairy-free creamer (I’ve ditched dairy milk for almond or coconut milk, so why not?) Thanks for commenting!


  6. I have a friend who went sugar free and felt much better. I am noticing that I get tired after eating sugar instead of getting that ‘high’ feeling that kids get. Must be my old age. It is amazing how much sugar is put into our foods.


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