Looking Back


It’s been nearly forty (what???!!!) years since I graduated from high school. No, really, how the heck did that happen? Now I’m helping to plan a reunion, to be held this August. Unlike some past reunions, this will be in a very casual setting, because at our age, we’ve earned the right to be comfortable.

I stayed away from my high school reunions for years, certainly before I became reconnected to many of my classmates through the marvel of Facebook (hey, it helps – remember that cute boy/girl who broke your heart? He/she doesn’t look the same, believe me). Without social media, we tend to recall only that awkward, sometimes painstaking period of life – you know, before you stopped giving a damn what people thought of you. I even wrote a novel about the lead-up to a fictional class’s 25th reunion.

Do young people even have high school reunions? Or yearbooks? I have no idea (I live in my own little world). But as we get older, time goes faster (man, does it ever), and the opportunity to reconnect with old friends is a chance to laugh and remember something good. Life was easier in 1976, I’m telling you, and perhaps we can look back on that moment in time, when fashion was horrible, music was wonderful, and our future was full of promise.

10 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. I too am nearing the 40 years since I left school to venture out into the big bad world. I loved your post and I agree about life being easier for children back then, certainly freer, although I think it’s always been tough to be a teenager. The one certain thing is that we all look back and cringe at our clothes and hair no matter what decade we went to school in. Have fun with your reunion.


  2. Plz call when free    need to see or chat soon    also u r welcome to come to rai chi today at 530  nk sr ctr And or Block Island sat  be well Tom


  3. Charley, my husband, is having his 50th reunion with the St. Ray’s class this fall. We visited the Providence Art Club on the East Side to see if it would be a good venue and it was lovely. I haven’t gone to a reunion since the 10th. My high school, the old St. Xaviers, doesn’t exist any more. But Toll Gate is still going strong, I see. Have fun!


  4. I wonder if the kids today will look back on their childhoods as “easy”? Something tells me they won’t, despite the fact that all of the adults in their lives seem to work harder than ever to do everything to make that the case. When did life get so complicated? I hope you have a delightful time with your former classmates, reminiscing about the good old days.

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  5. Great post! Yes, the fashion was horrible–looking back at pictures of my life in the late 70s makes me cringe, but the good times and music were great! I have not been to a single high school reunion because of bad timing and geography, but perhaps I’ll make it to my 40th in 2018–I hope to!


  6. Martha
    I have wonderful memories of High School and not so much ones. We were all trying to find our way, awkward years for many. My fondest memories were our drama class of 76. We had such a great and carefree teacher. Can’t wait to catch up with old classmates in July .


  7. Wow, that’s neat! I hope you have an amazing time at your reunion. It hit me the other day that I graduated high school almost twenty years ago. Haha, oh those heartbreakers. 🙂


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