A Reflection of the 2016 A to Z Challenge

A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

Thank you for following me this year as I weaved my way through Paris Between the Wars! As some of you know, this was my fifth year participating in the challenge, and I was better prepared this year than in the past.

Last October, while on vacation in New Hampshire, I visited the Innisfree Bookshop in Meredith, along Lake Winnipesaukee. There I discovered a book called Paris Between the Wars. I had my theme!



With my sixth novel published in November, I was free to start plotting out my A to Z blog posts. During December and January, I pored through the book and chose my topics. In February I added research and began writing the posts, keeping each post under 300 words. I finished them in March and set each post to publish at 4:00am, in order to have a uniform publication time, and one that would have the post delivered to each follower’s mailbox (plus Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) early in the morning. This is what kept me sane! I’m already planning next year’s theme.

I added probably two dozen blogs to my follow list, but tried to visit another three to four dozen. Some of the posts just weren’t for me, so if I followed that blog, it was because the content was easy-to-read and either entertaining, educational, or both. A couple of bloggers posted incredibly long posts, and there just wasn’t time to read 800+ words.

The Challenge has grown! So much so that I can’t possibly visit every blog, as much as I’d like to. I’m grateful for my new followers, and very much appreciate all the positive feedback I received on my theme this year. Onward!

9 thoughts on “A Reflection of the 2016 A to Z Challenge

  1. I realized (of course) that you planned ahead, but I had no appreciation for how far and in how much detail. I learned so much from your April posts and applaud you wholeheartedly for taking part!


  2. What a great theme! I love that you’re already planning next year’s posts, that’s seriously organised 🙂


  3. Hi Martha – seems like you had a great theme – I had to withdraw this year .. but you’re in my Feedly for now and next year! My posts I’m afraid are usually too long – but people seem to enjoy them … and I’m lucky there.

    But I’m going to read through your Paris A-Zs .. while I have a cup of tea!! Cheers and see you around – Hilary


  4. I really enjoyed your posts. I also was inspired by a book about Michigan day trips. It does help to prepare in advance. And I agree that some posts were just way too long.


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