Paris Between the Wars – “Q” is for Raymond Queneau

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Between 1919 and 1939, Paris experienced a cultural and intellectual boom. This blog will feature artists, writers, composers, musicians, and designers. Paris was at its cultural peak.

Raymond Queneau (source: Wikipedia)
Raymond Queneau (source: Wikipedia)

A French novelist and poet known for his wit, Queneau was born in 1903, served in the light infantry regiments of the French Army in Algeria and Morocco (1925-26), was drafted in 1939 after Germany’s invasion of Poland, and was demobilized in 1940.

In 1924, Queneau briefly joined the Surrealists, but never shared their left-wing politics. He questioned Surrealist support of the USSR in 1926, and in 1930, he separated himself from the group. In 1938, he began working for the Gallimard Publishing House as a reader (and would eventually rise to be its general secretary).

“There have been only rare moments in history where individual histories were able to run their course without wars of revolutions.”  ~ Raymond Queneau


3 thoughts on “Paris Between the Wars – “Q” is for Raymond Queneau

  1. Whenever I think I’ve found the cleverest theme for this challenge, I stumble across a blog like yours that proves me wrong. Great niche and fresh topics. Will be checking back.


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