Paris Between the Wars – “I” is for Jacques Ibert

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Between 1919 and 1939, Paris experienced a cultural and intellectual boom. This blog will feature artists, writers, composers, musicians, and designers. Paris was at its cultural peak.

Jacques Ibert
Jacques Ibert

Jacques Ibert (1890-1962) was a French composer.  He wrote (sometimes in collaboration with other composers) seven operas, five ballets, incidental music for plays and films, choral work, and chamber music. In addition to composing, Ibert was active as a conductor and in musical administration.

During World War II, he spent some time in exile in Switzerland while the Nazis occupied France.

Here is a lovely piece composed by Ibert


22 thoughts on “Paris Between the Wars – “I” is for Jacques Ibert

  1. When I saw his photo, I thought he might be something in the fashion world – so dapper! You picked a lovely piece of his music, too.


  2. I was in the middle of listening to this delightful piece of music when I thought I heard a triangle tinkling away in the background. How odd that I couldn’t see anyone playing that instrument… I then turned round in my seat and spotted my husband tapping his fingernails against his cup of tea in time to the music. 🙂 Thanks for another enjoyable post, Martha.


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