So Long, American Idol


It began as a summer replacement show on Fox in 2002 and became one of the most successful American TV shows. Although I stopped watching it a couple of years ago (when it seemed that the show was more about the judges than the contestants), I’m offering my Top Ten favorite Idol performances here:

10) “I Think I Love You” by Constantine Maroulis. He channeled David Cassidy and rocked it out.

9) “Whole Lotta Love” by Adam Lambert. Yes, he should have won Season 8! Lambert brought something edgy and exciting to an otherwise middle-of-the-road series.

8) “Baba O’Riley” by David Cook. Cook, like Chris Daughtry, took mainstream songs and turned them into unique, memorable performances.

7) “Weekend in New England” by Jennifer Hudson. She didn’t win Idol, but went on to garner an Academy Award (Dreamgirls), a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, a SAG award, and a Grammy!

6) “A Change is Gonna Come” by Adam Lambert. Blue-eyed soul, certainly.

5) “I Walk the Line” by Chris Daughtry. Doing a cover of Live’s version of the Johnny Cash classic. Another non-winner of AI who has found success.

4) “A House is not a Home” by Tamyra Gray. It was Bachrach week on Idol (Season 1), and this performance was stellar (even if the video is not).

3) “It’s a Man’s World” by Joshua Ledet. This preacher’s son was so good, he made it into my Top Three twice.

2) “Walk On By” by Kelly Clarkson. She was Idol’s first winner, and this performance sealed it for me.

And my all-time favorite performance by an American Idol contestant

1) “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Joshua Ledet. Goosebumps!


If you watched, who was your favorite?





I have been a faithful American Idol fan. Of the ones you have posted, it would be between Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson. A group of friends and I have made their tours every year since it started except for the last two. We definitely plan on making their last tour this year. There is some good talent this year.

I’ve never seen the show but your videos were interesting to watch. I really enjoy Jennifer Hudson and after I saw ‘Dreamgirls’ and found out she had lost on American Idol I wondered what the viewers were thinking.

    The early seasons were actually good, Denise – a lot of raw talent. Sometimes the ones who lost (like Jennifer Hudson) went on to even bigger success. Thanks for posting! Looking forward to your A to Z posts.

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