Nov. 7 – Meet RI Author Connie Ross Ciampanelli

Ciampanelli Connie

Journey to 10K: Adventures of an Older Novice Runner
In 2012, I celebrated my 60th birthday by running a 5K for the first time in my life. Never an athlete, I followed the Josh Clark Couch to 5K Josh Clark Couch to 5K® designed especially for beginners. Journey to 10K: Adventures of an Older Novice Runner, her first book, is the story of how she achieved her dream. Written as she went along, it illustrates the successes and failures, good and bad runs, and discouragement and elation that Connie experienced.

Connie wrote this book to encourage others who embark on similar journeys. She says that with desire and determination, anyone in good health can succeed in achieving their running goals.

Approaching age sixty-three, Connie is currently halfway through training for a half marathon.

Connie lives in North Providence, Rhode Island. Married to Tony for thirty-nine years and the mother of two grown sons, she works in the Guidance Office of La Salle Academy in Providence.

In addition to writing, Connie is loves counted cross-stitching, specializing in sampler reproduction. She is also passionate about animals, at this time the human mother of her and Tony’s cat, Mercedes. Mercedes and all of the Ciampanellis’ felines past and present have been rescues.

Connie’s is working on the true story of a feral cat that has resided in her neighborhood for several years. Unofficially adopted by Connie and Tony, they have named him Bartholomew Thomas Katt: Bart the Mysterious.

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