5 Topics, 7 Words


It’s my annual birthday post, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out my age!

For this short post, I’ve chosen five topics, and offer seven little words on each. 5. 7. There you go.




Debt is a stranglehold that limits dreams.



It can change overnight – live your life.



I have many stories yet to tell!



Mend your fences before it’s too late.



In its varied forms, love always wins.




Utterly belated greetings!
I love how much wisdom you’ve packed into, what, 35 words? I do feel I take my health for granted; I grumble about going for a run when in fact I should be happy I can. Hopefully, I am more appreciative of my friends…

Happy (belated) birthday! So… you’re turning 39?

(“Definitely not a genius, this one,” Martha thinks. “Why did I follow him again?”)

Thank you, Anabel. I haven’t been myself all week, and this post was meant to go live on Monday, the 13th (my actual birthday). When is yours?

Happy birthday! I am a year ahead of you and will be 58 next week.

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