Listen Up! “Z” is for Zither

ZZither wasn’t my only choice, but it’s a beautiful musical instrument, and a lovely way to end this month of musical posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed them, and maybe learned about a new instrument!

The word ‘zither’ is a German rendering of the Latin word cythara, from which the modern word ‘guitar’ is also derived (source: Wikipedia). Zithers generally fall into three categories: the concert zither, the Alpine zither, and the chord zither. The zither became a popular folk music instrument in Bavaria and Austria at the beginning of the 19th century, and here you’ll listen to a traditional melody from the region:

22 thoughts on “Listen Up! “Z” is for Zither

  1. I’ve loved your posts this year! I couldn’t comment as much as I wanted, but I learned about a lot of fun, new instruments. This one is no exception! Thank you!


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed every single blog and learned so much. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this project, Martha. I loved listening to the different instruments and marveled at the beautiful sounds they made.


  3. Thank you, Martha, for teaching us about instruments this month. Don’t think I’ve ever heart the sound of a zither. Interesting. And such an educational month you’ve offered.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge. We did it! Now, time for a little rest. Yay!


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