Listen Up! “Z” is for Zither

ZZither wasn’t my only choice, but it’s a beautiful musical instrument, and a lovely way to end this month of musical posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed them, and maybe learned about a new instrument!

The word ‘zither’ is a German rendering of the Latin word cythara, from which the modern word ‘guitar’ is also derived (source: Wikipedia). Zithers generally fall into three categories: the concert zither, the Alpine zither, and the chord zither. The zither became a popular folk music instrument in Bavaria and Austria at the beginning of the 19th century, and here you’ll listen to a traditional melody from the region:



I’ve loved your posts this year! I couldn’t comment as much as I wanted, but I learned about a lot of fun, new instruments. This one is no exception! Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed every single blog and learned so much. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this project, Martha. I loved listening to the different instruments and marveled at the beautiful sounds they made.

Correction: ‘don’t think I’ve ever heard ..’ Tired .. can’t even type right anymore.

Thank you, Martha, for teaching us about instruments this month. Don’t think I’ve ever heart the sound of a zither. Interesting. And such an educational month you’ve offered.
Congratulations on completing the challenge. We did it! Now, time for a little rest. Yay!

My 5th grade teacher played a zither. It was verra cool.

Thank you for the musical education this month! I too guessed this one, but didn’t know zither and guitar had the same root. I’ve got next year in mind too…..

I love the history and etymology lessons! Congrats on another great year of A-Z posts!

Lovely – I didn’t know they sounded like that! Congratulations on reaching the end! Liz

This is one instrument I guessed that you would post.
Thanks so much for your challenge series.

I’m with Denise! You’ve done a splendid job, Martha. Thank you for your illuminating and instrumental blog posts! It’s been a fun April xx

Thank you for this series. I’ve discovered instruments I did not know existed and put names to sounds I’ve heard made and thought was actually something else.

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