Listen Up! “Y” is for Yangqin

YWe go back to China for the “Y” post. The yangqin, or yang ch’in, is a trapezoidal dulcimer-like instrument, originally from Persia (believed to have been introduced to China via the Silk Road). Hammered dulcimers are very popular in China, and also in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe.

With bronze or silk strings, the yangqin has a soft tone, although steel strings are more commonly used today.



Look at all the strings! That can get very expensive replacing those I am sure. I have an idea what your Z will stand for. Let’s see if I am right tomorrow. HA!

I think we all need to sit and listen to that beautifully relaxing sound when this is over, which almost is. 🙂 An interesting instrument, Martha. Thank you.

Thanks, Lottie – one more to go!

What a beautiful sound – really relaxing and quite soporific.

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