Listen Up! “W” is for Willow Flute

WThe willow flute is a Nordic folk flute with no finger holes. You play it by varying the amount of air blown into it, and by using a finger to control the hole at the bottom, covering it at times. Modern willow flutes are made from plastic, but originally, they were made from the bark of green willow branches. They could only be made in the spring, and when the bark dried out, they were unplayable.



I’ve heard of the willow flute for the first time. It sounds beautiful.

I found this rather charming, and I love the idea of something so transient that needed to be enjoyed quickly. It makes me smile to know we all hear things so differently.

I loved the sound of this flute and would never have known it had no finger holes if you hadn’t told us and I hadn’t see the video. What a lovely delicate sounding instrument. Thanks for sharing this one! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

I’m kind of in agreement with the previous commenter. This did nothing for my ears!

Ha! Thank you for sticking with these posts, Denise, as painful as some of them have been for you!

This made me think about when someone gives your child a harmonica and it drives you crazy. With this, the insanity would only be temporary, until it dried out.

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