Listen Up! “P” is for Piccolo

P The word piccolo means small in Italian, but the piccolo is called an ottavino there – go figure. It’s a half-sized flute and a member of the woodwinds.

Mozart used a piccolo in his opera Idomeneo, and they were seen as early as 1735 in some Parisian opera orchestras. Once made from wood, glass, or ivory, today piccolos are generally manufactured out of brass, silver, or resin.

Here’s the piccolo starring in John Philip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever.”



It does have a piercing sound. For me it can highlight the strongest emotions – either positive or negative. I love that they were once made out of glass!

You can find me here:

I remember years ago in the school band they had several piccolo players but would not let them all play at once. It was just too overpowering to the rest of us. They sure do have their own distinct sound.

Love the video! It brought a smile to my face…

Just the name piccolo brings a smile. It is always such a happy sound.

He’s brilliant, isn’t he, Sue? Thanks for commenting 😄

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