Listen Up! “I” is for Igil


Ah, the igil. Not all that different from the erhu, the igil is a two-stringed instrument (the erhu has only one string). Traditionally, the strings and the strings on the bow are made from horsetail hair, but these days they’re also made from nylon. You’ll usually see a carved horse’s head at the top.

The igil is native to Tuva, located in southern Siberia, and has remained much the same since its earliest days. In western Mongolia, it’s called an ikili, which gives you two for your “I” day today πŸ™‚

Have a listen:



That would be awesome to try playing! Visiting from A to Z

Learned something new. πŸ™‚

smiling beguiling enjoy the AtoZ

Another instrument I was clueless about.

Another interesting post for the #Challenge. I always learn something from YOU.

Yes, Kim! I’ve tried to balance out the strings, woodwinds, percussion. Thank you for commenting.

Its a lovely haunting sounds, kind of like a Blue grass fiddle.

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