Listen Up! “F” is for Flute

FFrench horn. Fiddle. Flute!

A part of every high school marching band, and while I took piano lessons as a kid, I envied the girls (it was always girls) who carried around their little flute cases. The delicate silver instrument that went everywhere.

A flute is a woodwind but without the reed. Objects believed to be the first flutes (anywhere from 35,000 to 43,000 years ago) have been found in the caves in Germany. Those first flutes were made of bones.

Not today. And after watching tons of videos, I chose this one for its sheer joy:


20 thoughts on “Listen Up! “F” is for Flute

  1. Loved the post! Thanks for sharing. I was a brass player in band πŸ™‚ Trumpet, Baritone and Sousaphone. I always loved the flute. Very peaceful and calming when played well or can be uplifting when playing the piccolo part from Stars and Stripes Forever!


  2. That is awesome! I wish i could play the flute. My brother plays the guitar, bass, and dabbles with the drums. Myself on the other hand not so much. I have no musical ability. It makes me sad.


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