Listen Up! “D” is for Drums


A drum is as simple and basic as a drum skin stretched over a shell, and struck with either the hands or a stick to produce sound. Drums are the world’s oldest musical instruments, with the basic design unchanged for thousands of years. Drums date back to ancient Egypt, Neolithic cultures in China, and in the Bronze Age Dong Son culture of northern Vietnam.

Notable drummers include Tito Puente, Gene Krupa, John Bonham, Ringo Starr. You probably have your own Top Ten. Listen here as Buddy Rich kills it:


19 thoughts on “Listen Up! “D” is for Drums

  1. Happy A to Z, Martha. Every one of my middle school boys longs to play the drums. Until they realize that drums are an instrument. Or else the parents say NO. πŸ™‚


  2. So glad Bonzo (John Bonham) was included! Ringo wouldn’t make my top ten, although I agree that he’s popular and likable. After all he’s a Beatle! Love the topic and the music snippets.🎢


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